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Hello Fellow Adventurers + Bullet Journal Lovers! 

So glad you found your way to my Resource Page

I'm very excited to have started on a Bullet Journalling endeavour and I must say that I love it! But the one thing I hear from others when I share my pages is "that looks like so much work!" and really it is! A really nice layout, designed measured, sketched and drawn can take a good hour, and we don't all have the time for that! (although I must say that it is a very calm, relaxing and meditative hour) 

So I present to you... 

The Adventure Planner

Printable Bullet Journal Layouts 

This resource library will be forever growing so be sure to bookmark this page as it is only accessable after joining The Simple Life Tribe (thanks for that BTW!). 

How do you use these layouts? Super simple! Download the PDF by Clicking on their image below and print it. They should fit a standard sized moleskin journal. Cut out the pages and pull out your collection of fun and awesome Washi Tape or a glue stick...whatever you have on hand and stick those pages in!

Don't Forget to Personalize Them! 

Of course you have to fill in your goals and the steps that you are going to take... I can't do that part for you, but you might notice that I have also left them very simple, with few pictures. It wasn't because I'm lazy! I wanted to leave you space to let your creativity shine. Doodle and draw on these pages and make them your own... and please if you do, Share them with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram #lifessimpleadventures 



Summer Bucket List

Spring Bucket List

May Calendar

April Calendar

March Calendar

Birthday Tracker

Fitness + Expense Trackers

Yoga Tracker

Swimming- Lap Tracker

From Couch to 5K

Monthly Goals

New Years resolutions

20 Before 20

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