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Hello and Welcome to Life’s Simple Adventures!

Where we are all about living a life of Health, Wellness and of course Adventure!


Do you feel constantly busy, stressed and anxious?

 Are you focused whole-heartedly on your family or work to the point that you feel like you have no time for yourself?

 Is your life lacking the excitement that it once had?

 You are not alone!

 Sometimes life gets busy and our priorities get a little off-balance. We forget to take care of our own minds, bodies and souls and this drastically brings down our quality of life.

 I want to help you to find your balance!

 During your stay at Life’s Simple Adventures you will find:

  •  Tips and tricks to stay healthy while still living your busy life.
  •  Motivation and Support from a community of people who find themselves in the same place.
  •  Easy to understand information on how you can best take care of you.
  •  Inspiration and ideas of ways to add a bit of adventure into your daily life!

 Who Am I?

My Name is Randi Pullar and I am a woman who is passionate about health and helping others live the best life they can.

I recently completed my Therapist Assistant course, which focuses on Physical, Occupational, and Recreational Therapy. I found my niche in the latter helping others learn to enjoy their lives while getting active and healthy!


By day I am an activity worker at an Adult Day Program where I work with seniors, providing them with entertainment, social connection and mental stimulation. By night I am a committed blogger, focused on providing the same thing for the masses. I am working towards increasing my knowledge in all things health and recreation, and I am so excited to pass on everything that I have learnt to you!

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I am building a community of like-minded people who are seeking support, understanding and motivation. We all need to be focused on our own health and wellness but sometimes that can be hard. Even knowing where to start is a struggle!

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 Stay Healthy, Happy and Keep Adventuring 

Where should you go from here?

If you’re looking for a good place to start please check out a couple of my favourite articles below and enjoy exploring my blog!


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