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August BuJo Set Up + Goals

I have managed to do one thing consistently since I started this blog and that is to post my monthly updates. When they started they were focused solely on my goals for the month, which has been a fantastic motivator for me. Now since I have started blogging more about my journal, my monthly updates are more about the spreads that I have created.

This month I am starting a new journal, and in the interest of balance and self-improvement, I am going to go back to focusing on my goals WHILE sharing my layouts with you! hopefully I can inspire and motivate all at once! 

August Set Up 

So like I said, I am starting in on my second journal this month and I am very excited about it. In case you missed it, you can go back and read my First Journal Review here and check out the First Pages of my second journal here. I have decided this time around I am going to add a little more of an artistic flair to my journal and get better at doodles and hand lettering. I am going to have a new theme each month all based around nature…  

For august I decided to start with one of the greatest, and most majestic things that the natural world has to offer! 



Those ever present and imposing peaks that surround us here in the Okanagan valley, they call to me with their fresh mountain air and exciting surprises around every turn. I am always happiest following a trail up a mountain and into the forest of trees and magic. The best memories of my life have been surrounded by mountains. My husband asked me to marry him on top of a mountain and then one year ago this month I said “I Do” at one of our favourite mountain resorts, overlooking the Monashee’s. It was breath-taking and beautiful and gave me that feeling of being on top of the world.

So I started this month with a simple and elegant title page. With mountains bordering the bottom of the page and the stars shining above. My monthly layouts have changed a bit every month, but the one thing I found to stay consistent is that I am really bad at looking back at them. So I kept it sweet and simple, more for aesthetic pleasure than usefulness. I followed it with an over view for the month. This page includes a spot for goals, to do’s and important dates. One of my biggest goals this month and forever more has to be and will be getting healthier (more on this in a moment). Because I want to make this a prominent thing throughout this journal I followed up the over view page with a workout tracker! 

Weekly + Daily Planning 

I have tried so many weekly layouts in my last journal. You can check out my top 7 weeklies here.  In the end what I found to work was having a spot for the big events + goals of the week, a running list of chores and to do’s and a shopping list. This week I decided to also add a self-care tracker and an “on the blog” section to try to keep up with all the many things that a blog needs.I also plan to start tracking what I eat. My diet is probably pretty awful and I really need to change that! 

I used to try to cram a full 7 day week onto the two pages but I’ve realized that it just gets to messy and crowded with all the things that I have going on. I figure 4 days to a page seems about right so I’ve drawn in space for Monday to Thursday and I will follow this with a page dedicated to the weekend! 


I have a lot of collections from my old journal that I am looking forward to moving over and some new ones that I can’t wait to add in. This time around, thanks to foresight and planning I was able to add some of the most important collections to the beginning of my book where I will be able to easily look back on them always. For the rest however they will be mixed into my book pretty randomly. I have decided however that there will be one collection that will occur every month, and that is my doodle page! Because who doesn’t love a page of pretty drawings! 

If you want to see what other collections will make it into my august pages… you’re just going to have to stick around. If you want to see them first (And get access to my Printable Bujo Pages), you can sign up here and receive my weekly newsletter full of behind the scenes looks and random ramblings! 


August Goals 

I find it very hard to set sensible goals during these scorching hot months. My brain is fried and I struggle to think of all the things that I should be doing, when all I want to be doing is playing in the lake and floating on my paddle board. This doesn’t mean that I wont set goals however, it just means that I have to be a bit easier on myself. 

When setting goals for yourself you should always make sure that you really know yourself first. This sounds silly I know, because of course you know yourself, but do you really GET you. For years I’ve struggled with social anxiety. I fear both being left alone and being around to many people. I feared the judgement and the uncomfortable silences that would come of going out or staying in. Only recently (at 30) have I realized that I really just don’t care. It’s ok when my husband wants to go out and I don’t. He will be gone and I will be alone, but only for a short while. I am not missing out on what I didn’t want to do, and no one really cares to judge my anti – social tendencies.  I used to set goals for myself, saying that I will socialize more and in the end always fell short, because I really just didn’t want to. This is what I mean by really knowing yourself. 

I am also now very sure of the fact that no matter how much planning I put into it I am not really a work out at home type person. I am a little ADD at times and I constantly get distracted away from my mat. I am a gym type person and I need to do that. Like I said, my health is the one thing that I want to put an emphasis on now, because when I stop moving my muscles rebel quickly, and I end up in so much pain that doing anything is no longer an option. It’s an awful cycle! So without further ado…this months goals: 

Find a new gym that will really fit for me 

A while ago I made a list of all the gyms in town that offer cheap or free trials. I will be moving this list over to the new journal and giving them a go! Until I find something consistent, I need to still try to do a little something at home, but probably more like 2-3 times a week rather than trying to stick to a 5 day routine. 

Develop better eating habits 

Like I mentioned before, my diet is not the best. I am seriously lacking in the veggie department and I have a bit of a sweet tooth…Ok sorry, full-blown sugar addiction! I have to be honest here. This is a broad goal so I will be breaking it down. More on this soon! 

Spend more time on the things that matter

Who else is guilty of getting lost in the screen, scrolling through pointless images and reading stupid stories? I constantly get to the end of my day and I realize how little I actually accomplished and how much of the time was spent doing nothing! So I am saying here and now that I WILL put down my cellphone and I WILL spend more time reading good books and writing in my journal and on my blog. I WILL spend more time working on building my business dreams into a reality and I WILL spend more time with the people I love, going on adventures. 

So there it is folks, my Bujo set up and goals for this month all in one happy little post. I will be sharing a lot more of my new journal with you all very soon. Oh and speaking of sharing, I would love to see what you have worked on to. Please visit me on Facebook and share you’re thoughts on my layouts and pictures of your own! I would love to see it all! 


Randi Marie


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  1. Your mountains are gorgeous!! I just love them!! Your set up for August is so pretty. I totally understand you about the social anxiety and the health stuff and the too much screen time. I am a scout leader and we will plan stuff and then its time to go and my husband has to about kick me out the door. I have a friend who is one of my leaders and he knows how I am so if he gets wind that I am not coming he will text me and help get me out the door. But then I am at home with the kids 24/7 and some times I just need a break. I will be 33 in a few weeks and since turning 30 my weight has gone up, up, up. Even after three pregnancies I was able to lose all my weight, but in the last 3 years I have gained it all back and struggling to get rid of it. I am now to a point I don’t really care what the scales say (I’m 5’6″ and weight 160) but how I feel. I had a c-section over 5 years ago and have done nothing to re-build those muscles so that is one of my goals. Speaking of too much screen time, yesterday my oldest son said something about me being on the computer basically all day all the time. So I decided to go outside and work on a project. It resulted in 3 of my 4 children outside helping me and they LOVED it!!! I would love to get up early (5:30-6) and get a lot of my computer work done before my children get up so they don’t see me on the computer so much and I am actually making more projects and memories with them. Today the dog woke me up so I am awake at 5:30 and hopefully that will continue!! Coffee in hand, dog in lap, reading and commenting and sharing on blogs. =)

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