Starting my Second Bullet Journal

Hey there Beautiful people! 

Sorry I have been so quiet lately but I have been working a lot on my new journal! Like I said in my Bullet Journal Review – I started it without having much of a plan! Well I’ve now had 7 months in that journal now and that gave me a lot of time to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Now I am starting my second journal with not only a plan but a vision and a theme! The theme part is what I am most excited about. I am looking forward to having a book in the end with cohesion and flow. Oh and a plan and intention to make the book work for me as a whole thing and not just page by page. Today I am going to give you a little peek into the first couple pages of my new journal and an idea of what I have planned for the future 

My wrist is still bothering me so the letters are a little shaky 

Choosing a Theme 

I have seen so many beautifully themed pages in the past and finally tried my own in July. Before that I could never decide to stick to one thing all month. I’m still bad at it when it comes to keeping up with monthly habit trackers… but I would like to use this as an opportunity to practice my hand lettering and improve my doodling skills. I will make my pages beautiful and cohesive. There will be a balance to this book that I didn’t have in the last. So without further ado…The theme for this bullet journal is:


Each month will encompass a different aspect of the world around us, from the towering mountains to the deep-sea. Doodles and quotes will fill my pages and make them pop. If you have any suggestions for a monthly theme, feel free to comment below! 

First Pages 

It’s time for a new adventure.

I was most excited to start my new journal because this time around I would start it off right. When I started my last journal I had a confusing image between wanting a planner and a journal. I had an index only because the Leuchtturm1917 comes with one. I didn’t have a key because I didn’t know what I would need and I had never heard of a future log. Well this time around I will have it all. 

My new Journal is not one of the more popular brands. It’s a Cottonwood Arts Dot Matrix Notebook. It is sweet and simple. The cover is black with a black elastic strap – no book marks which I am a little bummed about, but there is a pen loop so that’s a bonus. It’s a little smaller than my LT1917 at 5.25 x 8.0inches. What really caught my eye was the quality of the paper. It is brighter than that of the LT and thicker. The website lists it as 100 gsm antique white, thermal bound paper. I love the feel of it. My Papermate Flair and Faber-Castell Pens glide smoothly on the page but I do still get a bit of ghosting. 

This journal doesn’t have the page numbers or pre-made index. The lack of page numbers is a bit of a bother but I was happy to be able to draw in my Index and key side by side.  I divided my index into Planning and Collection columns to be able to find what I need quickly and make use of a smaller amount of space.

My key is simple and I have decided to use a color coding system to do the lack of bookmarks. Each month will be assigned a color as well as some of the reoccurring pages.

I followed those with my future log. I only filled in4 months so that I didn’t have to crowd it all in. I am hoping/assuming that I will be finished this book by the new year. 

Goals for my New Planner 

I have hopes and dreams for this little journal. I hope it will help me, help myself be happier, healthier and maybe plan for some new adventures. I have started separate journals for my blog and my business to keep this journal clean and focused. This journal will only contain what is most important to me. I hope to use this journal to plan father into the future, to see the steps that I need to take to make my dreams a reality. 

I also hope to use this journal to practice my art. I used to love to draw and doodle always. Every margin was filled. Recently I have struggled to find time and energy to be as creative as I used to. This makes me sad and needs to be fixed. 

I also hope to help any of you that may have come here for some guidance, or seeking inspiration. I have found a new passion in sharing my journal with others. I love encouraging beginners and helping them find their way. The Bullet journal system is beautifully unique and can accommodate anyone’s style, whether you are looking for a creative outlet or a scribble pad.



If you have any questions or comments about my first pages I would love to hear them! Any advice that you could give me or advice that I could give you! I love talking about my bullet journal!





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  1. I look forward to seeing your nature themes each month. I am sharing my planning on Thursday now that I am getting set up in my new journal.

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