First Bullet Journal Review

Seven months ago I bought my first Leuchtturm1917 dot grid notebook… and it was love at first page <3

I started my first Bullet Journal right away with very little research or direction. I had seen all the pictures on Pinterest and I loved the style and beauty, but I didn’t realize there was also an organizational method to it as well. My Index was filled in… sometimes, and I didn’t have a key or color coding system (both of which could have been super beneficial). I didn’t even have a future log! Can you believe it!

Well since then I have learnt SO much! I have learnt the benefit of planning ahead and keeping a structured organizational system. I’ve learnt that less is more and I have learnt that my notebook can be a great creative outlet for me. My Bullet Journal has had such a big impact on my life and I can’t wait to perfect the system… but in order to do so I first need to review the last one.

First Bullet Journal Review

The best part about the Bullet Journal System is that it is completely customizable and unique to you. It can be whatever you want it to be and it can change and adapt to your current needs. When I started last January I tried to fit everything into every month. It was crowded and half the layouts didn’t always get used.

Check out my First Month’s Review here. 

New Year = New Journal! 

What Worked 

I love starting a new month with a fresh new calendar. It helps me get a good feel of the month and the big events that need my attention, like birthdays, weddings and other special moments. It’s also where I keep my goals. 

Setting monthly goals is one of the biggest life changes that I have made since I started my bullet journal (and my blog). When I started though I was pretty directionless and I didn’t know what goals I should be setting. To realize your goals, you need to find your priorities, and that’s exactly what I did. 

Where My Priorities Lie

I broke my priorities down into 8 categories – Health, Fitness, Relationships, Mind, Social, Spiritual, Career and Financial, and then broke each one down from there. This really helped guide my goals and keep me on track! 

After that setting goals was easy, and I usually managed to meet them, as long as I kept it simple and didn’t try to set to many at once. 

Weekly Layouts are essential to me. I don’t like to plan to far in advance because life has a nasty habit of changing quickly on me. A week ahead is usually best.  

Check out my 7 Weeks of Weekly Layouts here.

My layouts change week by week depending on how much time I have to put them together and what my focus is that week. I have tried all sorts of trackers and lists and some of my first layouts were really busy. I think in the end I like simple better. A basic weekly schedule and a running list of tasks that I need to accomplish. 

Daily Layouts are new to me. I have only been using them for a month or so but I think it’s something that I am going to continue into the next journal. I like having a place to write out all the little mundane tasks of the day (and check them off). Again simple is better! I am artistic and I love to fill in all the white space, but I am also easily distracted and a little ADD so I am learning that for me, less is more. 

First Attempt at Daily Pages 

Collections are my favourite part of bullet journaling! Finally a place to satisfy my need to make list after list! I used to have papers and notebooks everywhere filled with all my random thoughts, wishes and needs. Whether the list is often used, like my book tracker, or never used again, like um, well most of them if I am being honest, they are fun to create and look back on! 

Books that I have Read

What Didn’t Work

This could be a really long list and if I didn’t have such a lessez-fair view on the whole process I think this would bug me a lot. I have a lot of pages that are full of mistakes and some that are half finished because I didn’t like how they were turning out. I don’t think I will be doing any full book flip through on this one! But I am still proud of my book. It was a great learning process. Like I said above less is more. 

I also found that trying to work to far ahead didn’t work for me. I don’t write out my daily headers to far in advance incase they end up going unused and I have have stopped trying to write out the lists in advance to, because life is always changing!

I can’t work to far back either. Yearly and Monthly trackers are often forgotten and go unused. I have tried habit trackers a bunch of times and they are really difficult for me. 

Habit tracking is not my forte. 

Thanks to my short attention span I also find keeping meal plans to be really difficult. I try so hard to plan out healthy meals but it seems like every day theres a reason why I can’t make what I planned. Deciding to take meat out of the freezer in the morning is our idea of meal planning.  

The last big change that I will be making in my new journal is that I will be separating out my blog stuff and my business planning. I will of course still keep short to do lists on both but for the most part all planning and notes related to those to things will be kept elsewhere. I made myself a DIY Travel journal and that will be where I keep these two little notebooks! 

The Pink one is for the Blog! 

The New Journal 

This is the really exciting part! Now that I have narrowed down what worked and what didn’t it’s time to make a new plan! There are a couple different things that I want to do a little differently!

Start adding more art and doodles

The best part about a planner that is actually a blank notebook is that you have so much space to draw! I have a couple pages in my current journal that is all doodles and I really enjoyed making all of them. I don’t know why I don’t spend more time on it! Oh this includes handwriting and brush lettering! 

Monthly Themes 

I am super excited about this idea! When I did my July Layouts I themed them in a boho style with lots of feathers and arrows and I loved having a theme to the whole month. So I had this thought and then I felt uneasy at the idea of a bunch of very different themes throughout the book. So I decided I’m also going to have a full Journal Theme… Yah more on that to come! 

Focus on Health

Living a healthy life is on the top of my priority life, and I don’t think that I have been using my bujo to it’s full capacity on that one. I would like to start dedicating more space to planning work outs and tracking my diet. Also I need to start dedicating more time to actually working out regularly and eating right! 

Bring Back Journalling 

I have kept a journal all my life, and before I decided to try out this magnificent planner system I would write all about my day, my feelings, and thoughts. recently I’ve decided that i really miss it. So i’m going to try and bring it back! 

So many big plans! I could not be more excited! Stay tuned to watch the whole process and if you want some behind the scenes info please sign up for my newsletter!

Added bonus – Free Printable Bullet Journal Layouts!!!


Bye For Now – XOXO 





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  1. I am finishing up my first bullet journal this month too. I was all ready to start a new one and then I got back on the Happy Planner kick. So I am still trying to decide if I am going to use the new bullet journal I ordered or if I am going to add collections to my Happy Planner. I do know if I don’t add collections to my Happy Planner then I will keep a separate bullet journal just for collections. I had debated on doing a smaller journal for my collections before I purchased the Happy Planner so I wouldn’t have to transfer them over journal after journal. I guess I still have a few weeks before I fully decide what I want to do.

    1. The Happy Planners look really cool! what is it about them that have you leaning more that way?

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