July’s Monthly Spread

Hey there Beautiful People! 

Hope you’re all getting into the summer groove! Here in the Okanagan we are in full-blown, +35 C (or higher) temps! My little family and I have spent almost every weekend at our cabin on Mabel Lake, paddling, hiking and laying out in the sun! I love these weekends because Sunday mornings are always spent, drinking coffee, looking out at the lake and updating my bullet journal! 

I think that this month I can say that I am finally getting into a routine and flow when setting up a new month and I am getting sooo very excited to start a new journal (Next Month!!) I decided to go with a theme this month, which I had never really done before, but since I had my nice set of Papermate Flair Pastel pens out and ready to go I thought I would make a nice pretty Boho (purple, pink and turquoise) spread. I was searching through Pinterest and came across a nice picture of a zentangle style feather and I was Inspired!  So without further ado, I will get to what you’re really here for…all the pictures! 

July Bujo Spread

Oh that Summer Feeling 

I have tried all the different sort of calendar styles now and I think that this is the simplest and my favourite by far. A space for Goals, Notes and Next Months events, and a simple list of all this months scheduled events. The little circle in the top left corner is a magnetic book mark that I bought a couple of weeks ago at Micheals that came as a set and I love them! 

I got a lot of complements on my pretty little feather that I drew to decorate the tittle page! The Bujo community is so wonderful and I love posting pictures of my layouts and looking at those of all the other people who post! I was really proud of this one, since as my husband so lovingly pointed out I spent “like 8 hours on it” (more like 1.5). I was even asked if I would make a tutorial on how I created this. This request has inspired me and I will be working on a video set up very soon! However until that happens I have made this cute little tutorial for you! 

Hope this helps anyone looking to recreate this wonderful look! 

Ok so back to my awesome organizational set up! After the tittle page I drew in my Master Lists and Brain Dump pages. The Master List page is something that I have used for the last 2 months. I found that I was writing the same lists every week and needed to stop!  I started off simple in May with projects, home, to do, meals to try & business.  The first three were really useful. I forgot to use the meals list and I moved my business list into its own book. In June I tried Daily, Weekly & Monthly lists, which were useful but a little more than I needed. I also had Projects, Business and To do. This month I simplified…

I followed this with my Brain Dump page… because you never know when you’ll need to pour your mind out. 


I followed this with a customized Summer Bucket List. The one that I posted is very generalized for everyone. This one has a few more local adventures! I’ll try to share my progress soon! 

So to cap it off I decided to try something new. I have seen Mood trackers everywhere and I wanted to try it out. I don’t think my moods vary a ton but I feel like I’m always tired and often have headaches, and I really want to know how often this actually is and maybe even why. I stuck to the feather theme and I’m pretty stoked about it! Of course it had to be followed with a habit tracker, which I’m pretty typically bad at… but here it goes! 


Well that’s the July spread. I am Absolutely in love with it and really happy with how it turned out. I am excited about the new things that I am trying and I hope they work out!

I think this is my last month in this journal and it’s a really bitter-sweet thing. When I started this one I knew very little about bullet journaling and the benefits of planning ahead. My new Journal will be set up expertly and I am so excited. Keep your eyes peeled as I will be posting the whole migration in the near future! 

What’s your favourite monthly spread that you just can’t live without? Please comment below! 








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  1. I just love the feather and all the colors!!! I am currently using the paper mate ink joy pens, but when its time to replace them I want the flairs. I am trying to use up one set of pens before buying another one. Or at least mostly use them up.

    1. wow that must take a lot of will power!

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