July Fitness Challenge

Hey there beautiful people! 

I’ve got an exciting announcement to make! I will be launching my new 31 day Fitness Challenge July 1st! (Which btw is Canada’s 150th birthday which is also pretty exciting!)

Why a Fitness Challenge?

Why do a fitness challenge now you ask? Well because I need one! During the winter I am really good and keeping up a great gym routine and staying healthy, because honestly, there is nothing better to do. (I’m not much into winter sports). Come summer time though I start telling myself that I will be getting so much exercise from all the out door activities and hiking I will be doing. Which I totally do, but not nearly as much as I would like! I make it out for a decent hike at least once every 2 weeks and I have been walking my dog for a 1/2 hour twice a day for the last couple months, but that’s about it. I had to cancel my pass to the gym because it was an extra cost we couldn’t really afford right now, and I have been telling myself that I will start working out at home, but I am horrible at it. 

So I made it a challenge (so now I would look bad if I didn’t)!

What’s So Great About This Challenge?

I know you have an endless choice of challenges that you could be getting in on, so why should you join this one? Well because if you are like me and you love variety, you will never be bored with this one! I have created a weekly routine that hits all the bases and gives you something new every day! 

How Do You Join the 31 Day Fitness Challenge?

This challenge will run through my Facebook page, so start bye clicking this link and and giving the page a follow!

During these 31 beautiful summer days I will post a new fitness challenge each day! I get so bored doing the same thing each day and I need to switch it up. The challenges will vary between new yoga poses to try, cardio goals to be met, and different strength sessions focusing on arms, legs and core. Don’t worry I added in a rest day every week! 

What If I Loose Motivation?

Staying motivated can be a real struggle and I get it. I’m not always great at staying on task and staying focused for a full month, but I have a few tips that have really helped me in the past

  1. Follow me on Facebook and check in each day and comment under that days challenge as to whether or not you did it and support each other in reaching their goals! 
  2. Make yourself a beautiful Challenge Tracker in your Bullet journal or tracker

3. Or Print one off! 

4. Join me on Instagram and Twitter and share pictures or comments on how your challenge went that day.

5. Challenge friends to get in on it with you and keep each other accountantable

6. Treat yourself! Give yourself a reward when you get through the week or month (or day if it’s so needed) 

Have I answered all the questions? Are you convinced that you want to join! Great! I am so excited. Please come by the Facebook Page and introduce yourself. Let’s work together to make it our Healthiest summer ever! 

Oh and one last thing before I go! My newsletter will be coming out weekly and it will have all sorts of extra goodies inside. Like more printables for your Bujo, workout guides and bonus challenges. To start seeing those and more in your inbox sign up with the form below! 

Best of Luck to all of you!!! 



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  1. I am looking forward to the challenge. Exercising daily is something that I really need to work on, as soon as I get over being sick.

    1. trying to maintain a routine is the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I’m hoping this challenge helps!

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