Summer Goals and Bujo Set Up

Hey everyone and happy start of summer! I’m excited! Are you excited! Of course you are! Summer brings up so many exciting possibilities for fun and adventure, and while spring was a great for setting goals, now is the time to put them in action! 

May was a pretty crazy month for me and anyone paying attention will have realized that the blog was rather quiet. It’s ok though, it was worth it! The beginning of the month started all calm and peaceful with a few major to do’s on the back of my mind, and then about mid may everything got crazy! 

We welcomed a new little furry member into our family on Mothers Day. His name is Satchmo (the Trumpeter), he is 4 months old and a little ball of energy. He is a mix of Bernese Mountain Dog, Border Collie and Aussie Shepard and he’s pretty much the cutest little pup in the world! Of course because timing is never on our side, we happened to find him the day before the Mr. left for a 2 week holiday back home to Saskatchewan. So I played single parent to a new pup for those two weeks and it was stressful as hell! My advice to anyone thinking a puppy is a good addition to your family…have help! My family was great and they came over and checked on him during the day a couple times, and I live with my brother so he hung out with him on the two evenings I dared to make plans, but the pup had very little tolerance for me sitting at my computer (hence the quiet blog). He’s settling in now though and I have my Mr. back to help me out, and just in time for my monthly goal setting and bujo layout update! 

May Goal Review

Last month my goal was to do a review and reset my focus a little bit. I had been straying away from the things that I made priorities and I needed to bring myself back to that. I think I’ve been doing pretty well in most of the categories but I have a lot of improvements to make… most of which are plans for future blog posts btw! 

I broke down the areas of my life into 6 categories; 

  1. Health 
  2. Relationships 
  3. Mind 
  4. Soul
  5. Adventure 
  6. Career 

I think I did best at focusing on my health and my soul. I have been concentrating on what I eat a little bit more and I have lots of plans to get even better at that. I also managed to make time to see a couple friends while the Mr. was away which was really great. I am totally guilty of letting life get in the way sometimes and I am trying my hardest to change that! 

This Month’s goals

This month I would like to set one goal per category to narrow my focus and better set myself up for success. So here’s this month’s goals;

  1. Health – walk every day, twice a day with puppy (get over 10,00 steps) + start an at home workout routine 
  2. Relationships – Plan more meaningful date nights with my Mr. 
  3. Mind– Spend more time writing for LSA 
  4. Soul – Do more yoga! 
  5. Adventure – Hike once a week! 
  6. Career– Register my business

June Bullet Journal Set Up 

This month I went all out and covered all my bases right off the bat! I am pretty proud of my full months set up so far! My tittle page is one of my best yet. It was adapted from @happyplanner13 and when I saw it I just needed to have it in my planner! My calendar page is pretty classically simple, just a calendar and 3 spaces for important dates, a bucket list and notes for next month. 

This is followed by 2 new pages for me. I decided since I was going all out this month I would make an index page just for the month. I already have 9 pages, and that’s only one weekly! I left a space at the bottom of that for a future collections list. I’m always seeing new and fun things when I am cruising through Pinterest and Instagram and I needed a place to write them down! 

The Master List

I started this one last month and I liked it, and I decided to expand on it. A place for all the big lists that are getting re written to often, this way I only have to move it over once a month, and then it can be cleaned up and rearranged. This page includes boxes for Monthly, Weekly and Daily lists as well as Projects, Bussiness Plans and To Do’s. I’m hoping this will help me create better habits and get more done. 

Beside that page I decided I needed another “master” page for everything Cabin. My family and I have a place out on Mable Lake, and it is a little slice of offline heaven. I love being disconnected from everything but at the same time it’s really frustrating. There are so many times I want to look up how to do something or really just want any rando question answered. We also have a few projects that we want to work on out there and i needed a place for notes and lists on what we need. I also decided there needed to be a space for memories, so I made a highlights box. 


Blog Planning

I have added a blog planning page or two for the last several months and they seem to really help. If you want to see some of my past blog planners, check them out here! 

The first page is an editorial planner. It’s a very simple style with a basic list of posts and a box to check whether or not they have been shared. It’s pretty much the same one that I have been using all along. This month though I am adding a tracker for my social posts, since I never seem to be on top of that. I left it the same style as the editorial.

On the second page I have the dashboard, where I will track tasks, followers and the printable layouts I want to make for the Adventure Planner, which is a little project that I have been working on for those of you who love the idea of fun Bujo layouts but find the time involved a little difficult. Sign up at the bottom of the page to get your hands on the 15+ Printable layouts already available in the Layout Library! 


Health Tracker 

Every summer I take a break from the gym and I try to make myself get active in other ways. You need to switch it up every once in a while to avoid boredom and to see results. Of course it’s not just about what you do, but also about what you eat! Dinner is a daily struggle and I’ll be honest, we usually end up eating cheap fast foods because we didn’t plan for anything better! So this months health tracker contains a calendar of dinner plans, a step tracker and a box to fill in whether or not I did a proper work out. Now that I am not going to the gym I will be trying to add in an at home workout to go along with all the walking I have been doing! If you are looking for other health layouts, check them out here! 

If you have a health tracker that you love, please it share with me on my Facebook page! 

Spending and Budget Tracker

The last spending tracker that I made did not work out as well as I had hoped. The problem was that I spend to much, and I was trying to record all my purchases. so this time instead of itemizing everything I thought I would track the amount rather then items, and I add in a place to track bills and savings! Of course I still left a little extras box to record all the little things that aren’t budgeted in. 


I like to make my weeklies every Sunday so this is where my month set up ended. My weekly pages are always a lot of fun to create and they really help keep me focused, when I remember to look at them. I have a few reoccurring lists on my weekly pages now, like the to do and shopping list, habit tracker (even though I am awful at filling them out), and a blog list. The second page is my daily lists. I’m not a big fan of daily pages, but I like to have daily lists!  

So that is my month in a nutshell. I will be using this months goals as inspiration for this month’s posts, and vice versa. If you want to be the first to hear when there is a new post, or printable layout, please sign up to the Simple Life Newsletter and follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Thanks again for joining me! 


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