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If you’re like me, you are naturally a lot more active during the warmer months and you might let some of those healthy habits drop during the winter. It’s hard not to with the abundance of comfort foods and sugary goodies that surround us and the temptation to curl up in a ball and read books while sipping cocoa. As nice as all that is, it’s important that we get back to these healthier habits as soon as possible. Or maybe this is the year that you have decided to start those healthy ways. If it is good on you! I support you 100% and to show my support, I am going to share with you my top 10 tips for creating healthy habits now.



1. Get your sleep schedule on point

Your sleep schedule is one of the biggest keys to living a healthy lifestyle and it’s importance is so often neglected. A good nights sleep helps your mind stay focused, reduces stress, increases your metabolism and gives you more energy to do all the things that you need to do in a day. The experts recommend going to bed earlier so that you can rise earlier and I can attest to the benefits of this. I am usually asleep around 11pm and I wake up around 7. This is 8 hours of sleep and gives me plenty of time in the morning to fit in a quick workout and shower and a healthy breakfast and the necessary cup of coffee. This gives me the best start to my day and I feel energized and happy when I get to work.

2.Find a water system that works for you

Be honest, you probably don’t drink enough water, most of us don’t, which is silly because it’s super essential to our body functions. Without enough water our bodies organs struggle to work, throwing off our body temp, pH and salt levels. Dehydration can make your mind foggy and cause headaches, and will prevent your muscles from healing properly after exercise. The key to getting that recommended amount in (which BTW is not 8 big glasses of water a day) is finding a reminder system that works for you. For me it’s having my favourite water bottle with me at all times. If it’s there, I’ll drink it. If you need something a little more forceful, set a reminder on your phone or computer. Make water consumption easy and it will become a habit without issue.

3.Start Eating Local

The best thing about this season is the fresh fruit and veggies will be coming up out of the ground soon. Goodbye tasteless berries from Mexico and hello beautiful food growing in my back yard! Hit up your local farmers markets and support the farmers in your city while enjoying delicious, fresh food.

PS. If you live somewhere that lacks in healthy organic and local delicacies this might be a great reason to take a weekend trip out-of-town. If your close by and looking for good food.. I totally suggest the Okanagan Valley

4.Try some new recipes

While your sampling all that fresh local awesomeness why not try a new healthy recipe for a summer salad or dessert featuring all the best local fruit. Be creative and make it fun. Plan a new healthy local recipe every week and enjoy everything your area has to offer.


Ok I know it seems like I’ve gotten stuck in the food loop, but really what’s more important for a healthy body then what you put in it right? And what better way to start the day then with a delicious, if possible locally sourced, fruit and veggie filled smoothie. It’s my favourite way to start the day! Wanna try something new? Make it a smoothie bowl and top it with coconut, granola, fresh fruit and anything else your heart desires! 


The Simple Morning Smoothie 

1/2 cup frozen fruit (my fav is mixed berry)

1 banana 

1/4 cup favorite yogurt 

1 1/2 cup milk of your choice (dairy, coconut, almond) 

optional: spinach, hemp hearts, chia seeds 

Blend and Enjoy! 


6.Get a Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling is a planner system that allows you to track all the different aspects of your life, and one of the most popular layouts is the habit tracker! This keeps you accountable for all the things you say that you’re going to do. My tip on making this successful is start with only a few habits at a time, don’t try to change your whole day at once. 

Here are some other ways to use your Bullet Journal for Better Health.


7.Try a New Sport

Whether you want to be part of a team or you’re more of a solo adventurer, get outside and try something new. There are so many options out there! Volley ball, basketball, tennis, badminton, hiking, rock climbing, biking uphill, downhill or on the road. A sport will make being fit so fun, you’ll forget your exercising.

8.Be a home town tourist

I bet there are a ton of really cool things around your city that you’ve driven by for years, but never really seen. A museum you haven’t been to for years or a local park that is dying to be explored. Maybe take some time today to walk around a bit, see the back roads and neighbourhoods around your home. Get a city map and make a hometown bucket list of 

9.Practice self care

Being healthy isn’t just about exercising and eating right. You have to think of your Whole Self when you think about being happy. This means taking your mind + soul into account. Ask yourself if you are happy and if the answer isn’t an absolute yes you need to do some deep soul-searching. It might be a matter of making some time to pamper yourself or maybe you need to look in deeper and find some peace in meditation. Either way you make sure you make “me time” a daily habit. 

Need more info: check out How to Take Care of Your Whole Self

10.Find a Healthy Habits Partner

I know that sounds really corny but when you have a friend to go on weekly hikes with you, or meet up with for a game of tennis you’re more likely to stick to it and the social aspect makes it a lot more fun! If you and your friends aren’t that great at getting together make a pact to stay accountable to each other. Share your goals and check in with each other as often as possible.   

Healthy habits are important to start and keep and it’s not always easy. Remember when it get’s hard that you are doing this for you, so that you will live a better life.  Take it easy and don’t be to hard on yourself. When you fumble and miss a day (or three) take a deep breath and restart.  

Be Healthy, Happy + Keep Adventuring 




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I love using my Bullet Journal to plan out all the aspects of my life! It’s a fun and creative way to stay motivated and organized. That being said it’s time-consuming.  SIGN UP below and you will get access to my full library to Printable Layouts. New pages added all the time! 

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  1. I love this post. The pictures, the writing, very nice! I’m excited to do better in these areas of my life!

    1. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi! Thank you for sharing! I already try healthier life to make my life better. But your article reminded me of the importance of healthier life again! And I want to try the Smoothie!!

    1. Hey! so happy to hear that it helped! Oh and smoothies are always a good idea!

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