May Goals + BuJo Set up

Oh how I love the month of May! April ended in celebration as my friends and I rang in the new season and celebrated my 30th birthday with a back yard BBQ! Which of course in traditional fashion was rained out. I don’t think I’ve ever planned an outdoor birthday party that didn’t get taken out with bad weather! C’est la vie I suppose!

It was a great night though! We crammed into our little living room, talked and laughed till the wee hours of 9:30pm, when the yawns started circling around the room. We are definitely in our 30’s!

So today is a lazy Sunday. We have to tidy the house and I finally get some time to organize my next month. I’m 5 months into using my bullet journal and I think I’m really getting the hang of setting up my months… so this month I am going to combine my monthly goal post with a peek at my Bujo set up.


Love this idea but feel like it’s more work then you care to put in.
Check out my Printable Bullet Journal Layouts

New: Fitness Tracker + Expense Tracker


April was a busy month for me, so when I sat down to set goals I decided to keep it simple and focus on one thing; happiness, and it was a splendid month. Among all the things I had to do I kept trying to bring myself back to that one feeling I was trying to get. Just thinking about it mellowed me out. It readied me for the big things ahead.

This month I am resetting my focus. I flipped back to one of my first lists where I laid out all the priorities in my life. I haven’t been doing as well as I hoped I would since I wrote it… so it’s about time. I’m also preparing to take on new goals in my life. Now that I am finally done with my education, I am ready to jump into my career and I am hoping to start my business.

My goals are broken down into 6 categories; health, relationships, mind, soul, adventure and career. This month will be about finding my focus and once again working on taking care of my whole self.

I added a fitness tracker this month to better concentrate on my health goals. I have been all over the place in the last couple months between injuries and schedule changes. Life has finally evened out and I am ready to try to create a proper routine. My goal is to make it into the gym 2-3 times a week and go swim at least once. I still hope to swim 2.5km by this summer!

PS. Any other planner nerds loving that this month starts on a Monday! Could it be any better for starting new goals?

I added an Expenses Tracker for the first time this month. I’m really trying to curve my spending habits, and make sure that I am more conscious of what I am doing with my money. I feel like it will be a good habit to get into when I start my business in the near future! It’s broken down into personal, home, groceries and entertainment. I add a graph that I will fill in at the end of the month, to see where all my money is really going.

Weekly layouts have been ever-changing, and I’m never really sure whether I want them to be simpler or have more to them, so I go back and forth every week. I have so many things I am doing that I want to track every week and it really just makes everything very busy. This month I decided to start with a Master List page. A place to write the things that don’t change weekly, that I am re writing to often. These are the crafts and projects that I am working on (which is way more than it should be), home tasks, general to do’s, meals I want to try and business building tasks. Hopefully this page will help me simplify my weeklies and let me better focus my energy.

That’s the basic start to my bullet journal for the month of May. I’ve gotten some new pens recently and I really love the colors! I bought some Paper Mate Pastels and I finally received the MildLiner high lighters that I ordered two months ago. So the colors are all sorts of fun and springy.

My wrist still isn’t perfect and the nerve issues that I have had has left my hand a little shaky. I have repeatedly had to remind myself that it’s my journal, which is for me, so the shaky lines and the imperfect letters are OK. I mention this because I know some people out there have taken their bullet journals a little to seriously. They have become concerned that they are not making their layouts “right” or that there are too many imperfections. Stop worrying. Your BuJo is for you. It’s a planner created to give the freedom of being whatever you want it to be! Remember that when you open your notebook please. This is for you!




I love using my Bullet Journal to plan out all the aspects of my life! It’s a fun and creative way to stay motivated and organized, but it’s time consuming!  SIGN UP below and you will get access to my full library to Printable Layouts. New pages added all the time!

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  1. Yes for killer organization and setting tangible goals! You go girl!

    1. Thanks!! Feels good to get sh*t done!

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