Get Healthy to be Happy

 I am not perfect. My hair is always a mess, my face is rarely done up. My tummy still bulges and my bottom still jiggles, despite the hours at the gym. My eating habits aren’t great but they are mixed with the occasional spinach smoothie and vegetarian meal. I am definitely not perfect but I can say that I am Happy.

 My fitness journey was never about getting those beach body muscles or completely overhauling my diet. My fitness journey was simply about being healthy and being happy. This feeling, like I had found the secret to happiness is what drove me to create Life’s Simple Adventures. I want to help you find the happiness in being healthy to, and I want to start by sharing My Fitness Journey with you.



When I was a kid I was more the play inside with dolls, or color or work on some other craft kind of kid. When I got old enough to really start enjoying reading that was pretty much the end of any hope that I would develop any type of athletic skills. I struggled through every gym class. Except the week we played badminton, that was a great week! I think I actually failed grade 10 gym based on lack of participation (but no one really noticed until I was about to graduate, so they ignored it). I had no competitive side and I hated playing sports with the guys that did. I just wanted to play to have fun. 

When I left high school the sedentary trend stuck, and when I moved out on my own soon after high school, my eating habits weren’t great. My mother as it turns out had kept me very healthy, and I should have been happier when she restricted the sweets and force-fed me vegetables. When I was left to my own devices I opted for cheap and fast more often than I should. This is also about when my anxiety really started to get bad. I didn’t really deal well with becoming an adult. I gained weight and I felt like a wreck! I was unhappy and slowly slipping closer to depression.


After some big life changes (break ups, moving, and going back to school) I finally realized what it was that I really needed to feel good. I needed to get healthy, and I needed to change my lifestyle. That was about 7 years ago. During that time I have changed my eating habits, and learnt to cook better healthier meals. I cut out fast food, with exceptions made if I’m awake past midnight. I still have a bit of a sugar habit, but I’m working on that! The biggest change that I made though was that I started going to the gym. Again, not perfect here! I am not very consistent and I don’t really push myself to the max. I am not trying to lift the most or run the farthest.

When I go to the gym in the morning it’s with a focus of moving, getting a bit of a sweat going, raising my heart rate and moving my muscles, the essentials for a healthy body.

Going to the gym with these goals in mind take a lot of the pressure off and has made it actually fun for me. Sometimes I go just to sit on the bike for a half hour and play on my phone (but I’m still peddling). Or I put on an audiobook or listen to a podcast and just walk on an incline on the treadmill. It’s a great chance to catch up on some reading or emails while you sweat all the bad away. I have a set of exercises in my head and every day I try to do at least 5 of them to keep my body strong. I switch it up all the time and I love going to the fitness classes for something new.


If your goal is to get healthy (and that’s really the most important goal) getting in shape doesn’t have to be so awful. You need to push yourself and work hard, but ultimately you are trying to be happy. So if it doesn’t make you happy to go today, then that’s ok. It’s called balance. Oh and the best part is, that while you are focused on your happiness and how you feel on the inside, the outside will start to change. You will feel less pain, and more energy. You will be more relaxed and better able to handle stress. The inches will eventually just start to melt away and the numbers on the scale will start to drop.

 Now that I have found this secret I want to share it with every one I meet, which is why I created LSA. With the motivation and passion to help others behind me I have been working hard to learn everything I can about fitness, health and wellness. I have a diploma as a Human Service Worker and Therapist Assistant. I have a certificate in group fitness and personal training and I have lived on this roller coaster of a world for 30 years and I've collected a pretty decent amount of experience. I am proud of the journey I have taken and I can’t wait to see where it will take me next.

 That’s my fitness Journey and I am so glad that you were here to share it with. I hope you will stay tuned as I plan to share all the ways that I have found to bring Happiness, Health and Adventure into my busy life.



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