Aprils Goals

This April is a big month for me! I am turning the big 3-0! Yah 30! I know I don't look it... but for real I am! 
I always felt like 30 made you an official adult, but the concept of age has changed a lot since my parents were young. When they were my age I was almost 10 and my brother was 7, and they were contemplating the huge life change of selling their house in Calgary, Alberta and moving out to Kelowna, BC (their best decision ever after having me). They were proper adults with the superhuman powers of parents twice over. They had made investments in real estate and in their futures. They had their careers.  
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My Mr. and I just got married (like last august) and we are renting the basement suite of a house my parents bought (one of three they own including our family cabin) and my brother and his 6 year old daughter live upstairs. We have no plans for kids in the near future. The first time I did this comparison I felt like my life hadn't even started, that I was so far behind in the world and there was no way that I was going to catch up. After getting a little bummed out about it and telling this to my Mr. He laughed and pointed out the amazingness of our situation.
We both have an education with open possibilities for careers ahead of us. Our responsibilities are not many and we have the freedom to explore our world in ways my parents didn't. We have time to be together, be in love and go on adventures. We're doing alright financially and we are living a life of comfort and happiness... 30 is the new 20 guys! And better yet I get to go into it with the wisdom of having lived 3 decades. 
So what are my goals then for this month? I'm going to keep it really simple. This month my focus is on just being happy and content with the life that I have. I'm not saying that I'm going to stop working towards the goals I have to start a business of my own and to be my healthiest self, but I am going to try and stop beating myself up when it doesn't happen exactly the way I think it should. I'm going to forgive the universe for all he curve balls that it's thrown at me and thank it for the pitches that have sent me in new and wonderful directions. I am going to take time to have fun with my friends and my family, relax in the sun and read good books. I am going to walk because it's fun not because I should. I am going to eat good and healthy food and try to learn to enjoy cooking again. I'm going to stop making excuses! I'm going to thank my body for all that it has done for me and stop hating its small indiscretions. I'm going to learn to embrace my anxiety and stressed out nature and appreciate the fact that it has made me a good planner and that it has taught me the true meaning of strength. I'm going to take time to enjoy the quiet. 
Most of all I am going to write.. I have lived a life of lessons and I feel like I have something to share with all of you! And I just love writing! 
I hope you have all found this kind of peace or at least you are close! As I come into the last month of my 20's I can truly say that I am happy! 
Loves - XOXO 
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