Meditation Through Mindful Movement

Meditation through mindful movement is a process in which we focus our minds and hearts while moving through a normal every day task. I need to start by saying I am in no way a meditation expert. In fact, meditation through movement is something that I have found because I am no good at sitting still. My body is just restless and I find it to be so distracting.

I tried many times to make meditation part of my daily routine, forcing myself to sit, while listening to an app or harp music, or just in silence. My body screamed at me, it ached, it itched and it would just not shut up. The few times I did manage to make it be still… I fell asleep!

I do get that the point of meditation is to quiet yourself and focus on breathing, to clear your mind and find your balance, but if you’re like me, you might just find it stressful.

Might I suggest Meditation through Mindful Actions? Instead of sitting down with the focus staying still, try one of these mindful activities


Hand lettering

In case you haven’t heard of this popular art form, hand lettering can be described as drawing your words. The focus is on creating smooth lines that flow together to create beautiful letters.

I started to see these beautiful hand drawn quotes pop up all over Pinterest not to long ago and when I tried it out I found that I lost myself to the process. I would focus on my breathing to keep my brush strokes even and my mind cleared as I thought only of the letter I was drawing. Now I chose to sit down with the intention of mindfully creating these little works of art and thinking of nothing more, essentially meditation while I write.

Craft Room


Cooking & Eating

Depending on your comfort level in the kitchen this may or may not work for you. Myself, I cook everyday and I usually enjoy the time that I spend in my kitchen. Most often though as I am mixing my ingredients I will have the TV or music on in the back ground and 7 other things going through my mind. This makes me feel rushed and stressed as I cook.

A couple of months ago I started turning off all the noise in my house for at least the first hour after coming home (and sometimes it lasted longer) One night as I started the process of putting together one of our favourite meals I decided to try to stay focused on that and only that. Moving through the kitchen started to feel like a dance and there was a rhythm to the slicing of the knife that I missed before. I was smiling while cooking and fully present with the process.

When the meal was finished I sat down at the table in my completely silent dining room, after the sounds of a sizzling frying pan and chopping knife died down. It felt satisfying to really focus on enjoying the meal I just made rather than eating it absent-mindedly as I stared at the television. When you feel like you have no time for meditation turn a necessary task into your “meditation” time.


When sitting still is just not your thing the best next option is to take a walk. Not only is it good for your health to walk every day but also it gives you time to really just focus on clearing your mind. Leave your cell phone at home and skip the headphones. Take in the sounds of the street around you and simply think…breath in…breath out. Relax your mind. Don’t fight the thoughts that enter but acknowledge them and send them on their way. Feel the ground underneath your feet, the sensations through your muscles with every step. Try to get close to nature, the fresh air will help clean your soul and relax your mind.

Running Shoes


Yoga and meditation are not the same thing but they are super similar. You are expected to clear your mind and focus on your breathing. As an added bonus with yoga your will feel stronger and more limber when your done. I find that I can feel more focused when I attend a class, as it eliminates the need for me to think of my next move. I just follow along… and breathe.


Again I’m no expert but I have found mindful actions to center me in a way that I don’t think sitting still ever could. My body feels better when I move and I am able to clear my mind and focus on what’s really important – balance

Mindful actions are the process of thinking of only what you are doing, your body and the space directly around you. Any hobby or house chore can be done mind fully and from that you may gain some insight and relaxation. We are a busy society and always focusing on everything we have to do instead of what we are doing now. If you can stop yourself from doing this all the time, you might notice some positive improvements in your life.


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