How To Be an Empowered Woman


I partially hope that this article is useless. That no woman feels that she needs to seek advice on how to be empowered, but that she knows that she only needs to look inside of her. I hope that she knows that she already carries the strength that she needs and that she is everything that she will ever need to be.

 I also hope that even the most empowered feeling woman will read this, and see that woman are all different. That empowerment means something unique to all of us. My idea of a strong woman might be different than yours, and ladies, that is where our power lies.

 When you are not strong, your sisters will stand beside you and your mothers will carry you. Your grandmothers will share their wisdom and their love and it will strengthen you. Your friends will support you, and stick with you, and I for one will be right there to back you up, for we are woman and together we will have the strength to take on the world.

So how do you be an empowered woman?  

Step one: Figure Out What Empowerment Means to You?

Step one is to decide what empowerment means to you. It will be a different definition to everyone. Age, ethnicity and social background… all those factors of life will have you coming up with a different definition. To a mother and wife, empowerment might be taking care of your family, raising strong children and basking in the love of a good man, because power comes from love. For a strong single lady empowerment might be the ability to take care of herself. She don’t need a man to buy her a ring, because she bought that bling herself ;). From the time we are born until we die we have voices coming from every direction telling us what to be. Empowerment is deciding for yourself who you are.

 Step two: Don’t Judge Your Sisters

We are all guilty of this from time to time. I am not innocent of this act. I am a woman who is pretty sure of herself, but I still find myself judging others for what they have or what they are wearing. Whether you’re judging from a place of arrogance or jealousy, you need to own it. To realize when you are being judgmental and asking yourself why. Consciously pull yourself back from that judging place and realize what it is doing to you. It will make you bitter and you will loose a bit of your power.

 Step Three: Stand Together

 No one’s as impressed by a tree standing alone in a field as they are by forest standing together, strong and brave against the elements, for alone we are small and it’s hard to make our voices heard. History has proven that when we stand together against an opposing evil we will come out victorious and better for it. I mean we can now vote and go to work and support our families. Never forget that we fought for those rights (not that we ever should have had to) and that there are still a lot of fights coming (again seriously, how are we still fighting…it’s 2017 people).

Step Four: Fight For What You Believe In

Whether you are fighting for your reproductive rights, equal pay, or one of the many other injustices still facing woman today remember that the most important thing is that you are there fighting! You are making your voice heard instead of standing back and letting it all happen. You are speaking for those who cannot.

On a side note make sure that you are fighting for what is fair. Feminists are not always looked on in the kindest way as some of them have fought so hard, that they have lost sight of the other side. When I say stand together I don’t just mean that women should just fight for woman, but we all need to stand together. Remember when you are fighting for equal pay, that you should be doing equal work. That when you fight for the rights of a mother, that you don’t forget the fathers. That feminism is a fight for equality not a fight to rule.

 Step Five: Be a Good Role Model

Now that you have found your strength, your sisters are standing with you and you know what you are fighting for, you are ready to pass that on to the next generation. I have high hopes for the world that our children will grow up in. with our help the newest generation of girls will never think they are less then their male classmates and the boys will do nothing but support that. They will have no idea what racism, misogyny, or sexism even is. They will know a world where the opinion of a woman counts in more then just fashion and home care advice, and that she really can be whatever she wants to be. They will never look in the mirror and hate the reflection for fear of what others think of her body. They will be able to be themselves without fear of judgment. Please teach your girls to love themselves and others, to be proud of who they are and to always be confident in the decisions that they make. Teach them that beauty goes below the skin and that the opinion that matters the most is the one that they have of themselves.

 Happy International Woman’s Day Ladies

 Stay Happy, Healthy and Keep Adventuring




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