get fit for the right reasons

Getting Fit For All the Right Reasons

There are so many reasons why we should all spend a little bit more time working to get healthier and stay that way. When my friends ask me why I wake up so many hours earlier then I need to, to drag myself to the gym, I have a long list of answers ready for them. If you’re constantly facing the same question or if you’re looking for some reasons to get motivated, here are some benefits of getting more active.

Get fit for the right reasons

It makes you happier

Exercise can make you happier in so many ways. Endorphins are released, a hormone that goes to your brain and when they find the right receptors in you, they make you feel happier & less stressed. It’s also gives you more energy, which can then be used to do the things that you love to do. It’s a great outlet for some of that pent up energy that you might not even know you have. This is especially important for woman because we don’t tend to let out our frustration in physical ways like guys do… and it feels good to feel that release of power!

Helps Reduce the Chance of an Early Painful Death

Sorry to be so blunt there but I think health professionals need to stop sugar coating the facts. Regular exercise reduces your chance of getting a whole host of nasty diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia and high blood pressure. It also helps slow down the ageing process and makes it a whole lot easier.

 Daily activity will slow the break down of your muscles and joints. We take for granted the ease in which we move while we are younger, until one day we bend over and groan when we stand back up. Bone is made stronger by placing force upon it, by lifting, pushing and pulling and when it comes to muscle the old saying “if don’t use it, you’ll loose it”, is very true. Do future you a favor and get active now!

You’ll Sleep Better

When you use your muscles and your body to the full extent during the day you tend to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Not to mention all that awesome stress reduction! The sleep foundation à link recommends 150 minutes a week of exercise to improve your sleep and feel more alert during the day.

You Will Move Better

Exercise doesn’t only increases your strength, but it makes you more flexible & balanced, and increases your endurance and agility. You will soon find yourself moving through your day with ease, and you would be surprised when a little bit of agility comes in handy. Here in Canada it is snowy and icy for a lot of the year. If you’re to slow to react you can quickly end up on your backside, and that’s just a day ruiner! Staying flexible can one day mean the difference between being able to put your own socks on or not.

Your Confidence Will Soar

People who stay fit and take pride in their bodies tend to feel more confident in day-to-day life. Every bit of progress will boost your self-esteem and help you hold your head a little higher! When you take your health into your own hands you gain a sense of control, you feel like you have a say in how you will feel that day. You will feel accomplished and proud when you set your goals and smash through them, and not only will you feel more confident, you will look confident to, as you exercise and your posture improves you will even stand taller!

You Get Motivated To Do Other Things With Your Life

One good step always feels like it deserves another. When you’re working out you feel like you want to eat healthier. You have more energy and will feel more inclined to use it in positive ways. You will fell more capable, and be more willing to try something new. You might actually drink those 8 glasses of water a day. When you set yourself on a better path the momentum will pick up and keep you rolling.

You’ll Perform Better at Work

I work in a care giving field, so I know that my performance being on point is crucial to someone else having a good day or not. Whether you are caring for, serving or selling to others, you are interacting with people, and when you’re tired and low on energy it’s hard to be a positive person.

If you are working a physically demanding job, you might feel like that’s enough exercise, and sometimes it might be, but other times you might be doing one thing repetitively. This does a lot of damage to our bodies, but it can be counteracted in time. Back pain can be alleviated and posture can be corrected but strengthening and stretching the appropriate muscles

You Get to Be a Positive Role Model

When your friends see the new happy, toned and agile you, they’re bound to get a little jealous and want that for themselves! And they should! Being in good health feels better then anything! I often suggest to people who are apprehensive of working out to find a friend or encourage their significant other to join them.

Being a positive role model in this way is especially important when you have children. With the world taking a turn for the technological and most of our children’s entertainment coming from screens, we need to encourage physical activity more then we ever had before. They need to learn that it is important to treat their bodies with respect and take care of them. We need to teach our children how to stay healthy!

You will look better

It really shouldn’t be your main reason for working out, but hey, it’s a great-added bonus. I’ll be honest; I squat so that my ass looks good in my yoga pants. I do so many sit ups so that my tummy looks tight in my bikini, and I lift so my arms don’t sag. It’s important though to start off loving your body the way it is. You need to accept the things that you cannot change and stop thinking of them as flaws, and you need to know that genetics play a huge hand in the way you are going to look.

On a side note, if you are avoiding lifting weights because you are afraid of hulking out, stop your worrying. Gaining muscle bulk for woman is really difficult, and you’re definitely not going to accomplish it by accident.

Keeps your mind sharp

You might not always associate your physical health with your mental health, but they are 100% connected. Daily activity helps decrease anxiety and depression as well as helping ease the symptoms of many other disorders. Exercise prevents memory loss and cognitive decline as we age. It will keep you on the ball so that you can beat all the other old people in the home at scrabble.

So tonight when you set that alarm clock a couple hours earlier to pull yourself out of bed tomorrow and head off to the gym, you can remind yourself of all the reasons why your doing this. Eventually you will feel so good, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along.




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  1. Such a great post! I agree with all these points and love the benefits and natural high from exercising!

  2. ‘You Get to Be a Positive Role Model’: I’ve seen this happening, how I inspired my other friends to change their lifestyle 🙂 Thanks for sharing 😉

    I would also like to add that gym is not the only way to get fit, there are many other ways that can adapt to each person’s schedule and lifestyle

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