Why I Don’t Wear Makeup

I don’t wear makeup everyday; it’s a special occasion thing only. I think that simply foregoing makeup has made my life better in so many ways and I think it would change the world if more women started skipping this small step in their morning routines.

I don’t mean any offence to those who love their eyeliner and mascara, but what would you really lose by not applying these harsh chemicals to your face every day.

Skip the Toxicity

It’s no secret that makeup is full of harmful chemicals. If they weren’t they wouldn’t have to be tested on animals for negative effects…

Chemical laden makeup is harmful not only to your skin but to your endocrine system, blood system and organs. Effects of makeup toxicity can vary from cancer, organ damage and changes to your hormonal system.

Is good health really the price of beauty?

The good news though! There are companies out there dedicated to producing products that are safe for your skin! Made with natural and more organic ingredients. I sought out the opinion of my local natural beauty professional and she recommended checking out www.elatecosmetics.ca or www.pureanada.ca both companies located right here in western Canada!

Save Your Time and Money

Make up is expensive! It’s justifiable I suppose if its something that you use everyday, but that also makes it a process that takes up a lot of your day. It’s stealing from you those two most valuable commodities that we are all striving for more of.

If you’re still skeptical do the math and consider what it is actually costing you. Why not try to cut back by half and see what kind of effect this has on your life? Maybe you could sleep in! 



It’s Better for the planet

The make up industry is huge, and everyday they produce millions of products that come in tiny little plastic containers that are destined for the landfill. The products inside are washed off of us and into the ecosystem, affecting all our wildlife. The manufacturing process is spilling out even more into our oceans, lakes and rivers. They are still testing on animals…

We are forgetting to take care of the things that should mean the most to us, our own bodies and our planet.


Learn to love yourself & be confident

Skipping the makeup isn’t only good for physical health but it will have a positive effect on your mental state as well. When you feel comfortable enough to walk out the door without having spent the last hour covering up who you really are, you will feel confident enough to work for what you deserve, to be proud of who you are as a person and to care less about what everybody else thinks. I’m going to let you in on a little secret… not many people will actually even notice!

This will have a more positive effect on the future generation to! Mama’s out there, please remember that your little girls are watching you as you strive to cover every flaw, and when she asks you why, what are you going to say? “I wear it to look beautiful”? Now she believes that she needs to cover and decorate herself to be considered beautiful. Raising children to love themselves starts with having a good role model. Love who you are, naturally.

Switch to taking care of your skin, instead of covering it up.

Instead of spending the time to hide the dark circles under your eyes, put sometime into eliminating them all together. With ingredients found in your kitchen you can DIY your way to a full spa quality facial. Might I suggest investing in some coconut oil, that stuff is good for everything from keeping your skin moist and looking young to rejuvenating your hairs natural shine! When your skin is healthy and happy it will glow and you will radiate beauty that you didn’t even know you had! Heads will turn!


Get dressed up and make it special!

Painting my face always felt a little bit like I was playing dress up, which is great. When I’m getting ready for a party or special dinner, I enjoy applying a little bit of colour to my eyes and lips. It feels good to put that extra effort in now and then, and then people do notice and they learn that if your wearing makeup this must be a special occasion.

So tomorrow morning when you wake up, wash your face and add your moisturizer, but before you start layering on the war paint, think of what your really gaining by doing so. Try it out for a week and share your experience with me on Facebook or Twitter! I would love to hear whether or not it worked for you!



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