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Hey friends 

Are you working to improve your fitness habits? Yah me to! One of the best ways to be sure that you are making progress is to set a goal and work towards it, tracking the gains that you make on the way. 

I want to share with you my 3 new fitness trackers that I am implementing this year. My goals are to: 

  1. Run 5 KM 
  2. Swim 2.5 KM 
  3. Do yoga 2-3 times per week 

These goals all together seem rather daunting, and they are… but I have a bullet journal and therefore I have happy and colourful layouts to keep me motivated 

The Run Plan 

Using some Pinspiration I put together an 8 week plan. Each day is a graduated step from the last in a series of run/walk intervals. I tried to kept it pretty simple and it builds gradually starting with a 1min run + 1.5min walk repeated 6 times. I didn’t use a pre-made plan but instead built my own based on what I know I am able to do. 

When you start working towards your goals please remember to be kind to yourself. Recognize when you need an extra rest day, you don’t know how your body is going to react at first. 

Please feel free to copy my plan and if you do, keep me posted on your progress! I would love to know how well it might work for others! 

Bullet journal Fitness tracker- Running

Swimming Across Mable Lake (the short way) 

As part of my 30 before 30 list I said that I would try to swim as far across the lake at our cabin (not the long way cause that’s crazy). Since I did not meet this goal last summer when the water was nice and warm, and my 30th birthday will come long before it becomes tolerable again, the goal has been amended and a friendly competition is now brewing between my brother and I. He got a hold of my list and naively announced “I could swim farther then you”. Challenge Accepted! 

I don’t know how far I will have to go to beat him but I feel if I can make it 2.5 km, it will surely be farther then him. In a pool this will be at least 50 laps! (I’m currently at 14 laps). In order to track my progress I have put together a lap tracker page! 

Join our friendly competition and share your tracker page! I will be posting my progress as it comes and I would love to see your’s to! 

Bullet Journal – fitness tracker – Swimming

Find Your Balance

It is important to always take time to breath and relax but more often then not life gets so busy and we forget to take the time to balance ourselves. I try to at least get out to a yoga class once a week, but I feel the stress creeping in and I need there to be more! You should not however feel pressure to relax and setting goals and deadlines, however effective for productivity does not often make a person feel mellow and happy. So when putting together this yoga tracker I did not set goals, but instead allowed myself the space to do what I need to do day to day. 

I will also start working towards some different positions. I think my first goal will be a stable head stand… Keep watching… there will be pictures! 

Bullet Journal – fitness tracker- yoga

These are already so helpful! I love checking the box or colouring it in and it helps keep me aware of my progress and where I need to go from. I truly believe that when armed with a good plan… you are capable of anything! 




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