Benefits of Keeping a Journal

 Whether you’re on a self improvement adventure or just trying to make the most out of every day you really should be keeping a Journal! It’s not just for little girls anymore! Journals don’t come with guidelines or restrictions, no rules or expectations. A journal is just a place for you to really be you. There are so many benefits!


It can be very therapeutic

Writing is an amazing release. A journal is a private place for you to feel all the things that you need to feel. You can really let loose in there and be you. Writing down your feelings can help put things into perspective. It helps you understand who you are, and what you really want. It’s great for stress relief to, when your really pissed at that little miss whats-her-face at work (and your husbands over listening to you vent) pick up your journal and write whatever you want about her. Remember death threats can be taken seriously if it’s found. 

A Place to be Creative

A journal can be a place for you to get a little wild. Whether your idea of creative is story writing, drawing or collaging, you can keep it all in your journal. Many writers use journalling to beat writers block. its a place for you to just spew all your ideas onto paper and work out the next direction you need to go. 

Save all your Brilliant Ideas

I mean you’re practically a genius and it would be a shame if all those amazing thoughts were just lost to time and poor memory. Little life hack for you: Journals are usually pretty small…like purse sized, so you can carry it around with you, ready to record your plan for saving the world. 

Your Journal Doesn’t Judge

While your venting about your life and sharing your creative passions remember that your journal never judges. It just opens up its pages to you and your problems, and silently takes it all in like a best friend should. It can make you feel heard and understood and a lot lighter. 

Set Goals and Stay Accountable

While it listens fully and never judges, it can also help you stay accountable to all the many goals that you set. A journal is a great place to record all your dreams and goals and create an actionable plan. As it’s something that you might keep with you or look back at often, it will be a constant reminder to stay on track of all the things that you want to do. 

Capture Your Life in Words

I personally have been keeping a journal since elementary. I have chronicled my life in words since then and when I am old and loosing my memory I will have these journals to look back on. I have also used them to solve arguments and win fights. I know exactly when the big things went down and no one can argue with them. 


Journalling is my number one recommendation for anyone feeling stressed, anxious, confused or upset, or on the flip side it can be an amazing way to record the happiest of memories, like falling in love or planning your wedding. It can single handedly change the way you view the world around you.  




I love using my Bullet Journal to plan out all the aspects of my life! It’s a fun and creative way to stay motivated and organized. That being said it’s time consuming.  SIGN UP below and you will get access to my full library to Printable Layouts. New pages added all the time! 

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  1. i love the idea of journals

    1. it’s a story of who you are! what’s not to love!

  2. I go in and out with journals. I’ve kept them all my life and have a stack of them. Feels like its time to start another. 🙂

    1. A fresh new journal is the best feeling!

  3. yes these are so true! it also helps identify those stupid things you do at the same time every year. So cool that you kept up your journal I would always start and stop but from last year i made an effort to keep doing it.

    1. What effect has it had to keep up a writing habit?

  4. I love this idea – I keep saying I’ll start journaling but never do. I need to find a way to keep it up 🙂

    1. I find the best motivation/reminder is to always have my notebook close at hand. that way it’s just there when I have time and the inspiration hits!

  5. Your post has convinced me to start yet again, but I always fail to keep a journal diligently! The best thing I like about journaling is that the journal doesn’t judge! <3 I'll give it a try anyway! Thanks for sharing!
    Expressing Life

    1. I’m so glad! Never feel pressured to write though. I can go weeks between posts, but it’s always there when I need it!

  6. So true: your journal doesn’t judge and it can be very therapeutic! I have been journaling since I was 11 years old. I mostly write on my computer now but I do have a whole trunk full of bound books that I had written in for the first 15 or so years of journaling. Some of them are super cringe-worthy! I got a notebook like the one in your first picture above as a Christmas gift and am using it for my blogging ideas!

    1. Hey it’s so great to meet others who’ve been chronicling their lives! I don’t write everyday but I always have a notebook close by incase the urge hits! Im trying out the bullet journalling style a bit with this newest one!

  7. […] Do you keep a journal? I haven’t in years but I’m reconsidering because of some of the benefits. […]

    1. There are so many benefits!

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