Planning for Happiness

Happiness does not come to those who sit around and wait for it. It will not find you while you binge watch all of Netflix and scroll through Pinterest on your phone.  Unless this is truly your idea of happiness…then you have find what is. When I think of being happy I think of the hundreds of things that I want to do with my life, the trips I want to take, the foods I want to cook and the beautiful things I want to create all that while trying to be be as healthy as possible! This is a lot to fit into a life that also includes a job, trying to start a business, spending time with family and friends and night classes.

To get all this under control one has to learn how to “Plan for Happiness”. But where do you start? Pull out your journal or open a new document (your going to want to write some of this stuff down) and get ready. It’s a big endeavour but you wont regret the time spent. If your ready to take the next step towards happiness then keep reading… I have a few tips to get you started.


The big messy list or Brain Dump

This is a concept that I came across a while ago when I started looking into Bullet Journaling and has been a most fantastic tool. I suggest everyone try it when their mind is over flowing with thoughts and ideas, to do’s and I want lists.  Sit down and write a long messy list of everything that is flowing through your brain. When it’s all done you can walk away feeling a little lighter and ready to take the next step…


Your categories might be different then mine and thats ok. Categorizing can help put your values into perspective. Sometimes we actually have to be reminded about what’s important to us. For me different creative goals kept popping up on my lists, but I never really take the time to sit down and create. This is going to become a top priority for me! Mine fell into these 9 categories: 

  • Health
  • Finance
  • Relationships/marriage
  • Career
  • Spiritual
  • Personal development
  • Creativity
  • Recreation
  • Travel


Now it’s time to figure out the whens and wheres of your plan. Your going to want to take those lists that you just wrote and put a dead line on those tasks. Consider breaking them up into 

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • In your Lifetime (5, 10 & 15 years

Make a SMART plan

I seriously thought this was the lamest thing when I learnt about it… but damnit, it works! SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time. That means lay it out with all the detail of what you want, how your going to do it, and when/how often you are going to do it.

You now know what you want and when and once you have actionable steps to take, you can start achieving your goals! Remember to right it down and find a way to keep yourself accountable! 

This is just a start, and I would love to hear how any of my readers have chosen to start out on a life changing adventure. DO you write it down, do you just live in the moment? Whats your advice for making the plan work? Please Comment below and let me know what you think! 




I love using my Bullet Journal to plan out all the aspects of my life! It’s a fun and creative way to stay motivated and organized. That being said it’s time consuming.  SIGN UP below and you will get access to my full library to Printable Layouts. New pages added all the time! 

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