5 Books Better Listened To

This has been a busy year for us, with our move to our mountain home for the summer and hosting the wedding of the century (I’m a little bias), and then moving back home and renovating our new basement suite. I feel like I haven’t just sat back and relaxed since 2015! I think that the majority of the books that I enjoyed this year were as audiobooks, which I listened to while hiking, crafting, baking and driving the hour to and from our hometown and the hill. If it wasn’t for audiobooks I would never had the chance to enjoy so many amazing stories!  If you haven’t tried them yet, your missing out! 


If you’ve already discovered this wonderful trick, then you know that the reader can make all the difference! I’ve gotten half way through many books and decided that I just can’t listen to that voice any longer, and others that just sucked me in. It’s terrible but a bad reader can ruin a good book! These are some of the books that I’ve listened to recently and thought they were much better listened to!

        1.Outlander Series – by Diana Gabaldon 


I have only gotten to the third book in the series, Voyager, and I am in love! It is read by Davina Porter and she has a real way with the Scottish & British accents! I started listening to this series during my first practicum when I had to drive an hour to and from Penticton five days a week. These books made me forget the monotony of it and transported me to the back in time to 1945 and the Scottish highlands,where I followed a the story of one of the sexiest highland men and a British woman who had been plucked from her time and sent reeling in his arms.

These books are long and detailed and I would never of had the time to enjoy them with my full attention like I did listening to them! 

      2. & 3. Yes Please – Amy Peohler & Bossypants by Tina Fey


These two books had to go together because Amy and Tina go so well together! And also, the best part, that they both recorded their audiobooks themselves! So not only do you get all the wit that was written into the pages, but also the added bonus of being read to by some of the funniest woman in comedy! Oh and they add their own flare to the audiobooks with some special bonus laughs! They are both brilliant woman and if their books were on your reading list, seriously consider listening to them! 


     4. Furiously Happy – Jenny Lawson 


This has become one of my number one recommended books! You can read my full review here.  Jenny Lawson is brilliant and insightful as she talks about her experiences dealing with mental health and when you thought it was going to be all serious like, she starts describing her 2am adventures with a taxidermy raccoon and her cats. I literally had to pull over while driving down the highway because I was laughing so hard at one of her stories. I highly suggest you check out this beautiful blogger at TheBloggess.com. Oh and check out her first book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, it was equally amazing! 

        5. A Great and Terrible Beauty – Libba Bray 


My favourite genre of audiobooks has always been those that fall into the young adult category. They are fun and adventurous and usually pretty easy to follow along with even while I am doing other things. This is one of my more recent finds. You can read my full review here.  Enjoyed listening to this book because I felt it really brought out the characters more. Their personalities came out in the tone of voice and you felt like you knew them better! Oh an the accents, I love listening to stories written with an accent. 

Nothing beats curling up with a book in your hands and a delicious hot drink, but sometimes we just don’t get a lot of time to do that, and for those times, we have audiobooks! So put your head phones in and let yourself drift away to to another world.


Happy Adventures 


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