31 Days of Everyday Adventures – Week 3

This has been one of those weeks that distracts from everything that I really want to do. We are still working on our basement renovations, I started my new job and I am taking an evening class to get my weight training certificate. Getting very busy! Trying to find time for fun was difficult but I managed to fit in a little here and there! 
This Weeks every day adventures reminded me of past love and had me looking towards the future, trying something new and getting a little silly! I loved the daily reminders to enjoy life. 
If you haven’t already you really should pop over and say Hi to Shelly  @TheGoalList.com  
This challenge has 31 suggested activities to stretch us in small ways to get out of our comfort zones and celebrate the small moments of our lives. 


15 – Research a New art form – Zentangles 

This is an art form that I discovered a while ago but this challenge has inspired me to revisit it! Have you ever tried zentangles?? No?! Seriously! If your stressed and you like to draw you have to try these! Zentangles are a relaxing and easy way to create beautiful masterpieces. They are unplanned and abstract and literally anyone can do them. They are great for combating stress and reducing anxiety.. I find that I go into an almost meditative state as I draw the patterns onto the paper.

16 – Go to Bed Early 

So the last couple months I have been without job therefor without reason to go to bed at a reasonable time. Today’s challenge could not have come at a better time! Not only am I starting a new job but I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of going to the gym in the morning. Learning to be a morning person is no easy task… but starting with an earlier bed time is key! 

17 – Organize a Party 

Can you say Christmas party! On the plans are in the works as of now! 

18 – Pick a New Recipe 

I actually did this one on the 21st but shh… I wont tell if you don’t! I created a very delicious Speghetti Squash Tex Mex Casserole! It was good and good for you! 

19 – Have a Recess 

I would like to say that I am mature enough that this isn’t a common everyday occurrence for me… but I’m super not! Everyday is recess! However today I took sometime out to build some puzzles with my niece and we gave each other pedicures! Fun and relaxing! 


20 – have a friend plan a day 

I asked my friend Holly and she said of course! We are planning our day for this coming weekend 

21 – Learn a New Dance Move 

I am the most uncoordinated person I know… but I love to dance! So dance party time it is… let’s see how long it takes for my brother to get sick of my music and storm down the stairs!! 
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4 Comment

  1. Suz says: Reply

    I’ve never heard of Zantangles, but that looks like such a cool way to destress and unwind! I’m going to have to check it out. I tried to find a new dance move to try out yesterday, but my Google attempts weren’t exactly successful… But we ended up having a pretty great dance party complete with an old-school dance move breakdown. This challenge has been super fun so far!

    1. simpleadventurer says: Reply

      Oh Zentangles are the best! you absolutely must give them a try! I’ve been having so much fun so far!

  2. Shelly says: Reply

    I hadn’t heard of Zentangles either, but the first thought I had when I saw the picture was “Someone named my doodles!” 😀 I like drawing random patterns and seeing what comes out. Recently, I found one I’d saved from a boring college lecture! Glad you’re enjoying the challenge! That spaghetti squash looks delicious!!

    1. simpleadventurer says: Reply

      Haha I was doing them before I heard they had a name to! they are so fun and relaxing!

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