30 before 30

This is a challenge that I thought about starting months ago, but I’ve been to unfocused for goals lately and I think now it’s time I give it a go.

I know 30 goals might be far reaching but I think with a plan I might have a small chance – also some of these goals are really things I should be doing anyways (like getting a real job & perfecting this blogging process).

My 30th birthday is coming up quickly! Only 8 more months! Which means I have to fit a few goals into each month.

Update: November  18

I’m running out of time! Only 5 months and 8 days to complete my list! So far I have put a solid effort into starting a yoga practice  and I am starting my new job tomorrow! I have joined a gym with a pool so that I can train to run and swim long distances! Im looking into some of the classes that I want to take so I am well on my way! 

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1. Run 5km

Before the summer hit (while I was in school) I was going to the gym fairly regularly. I was trying to learn to run and I want to get back to that. Either in the gym or on the street.

2. Go on an all day hike

I don’t know where or who will go with me… or even if my legs could deal. But wouldn’t it be nice

3. Start and maintain a yoga practice


Follow along with my progress here

I am hoping sometime this year to take a yoga teachers course, and I feel to actually become a teacher, I need to be able to maintain a constant and serious practice… and I should probably be able to stand on my head.

4. Try a new sport

I’m thinking rock climbing… I could be open to something different, but I think that’s one that would be a lot of fun to try

5. Write a short story

I have wanted to write something for forever. I have written a couple chapters in, for            two different stories, but always lost direction (and attention) half way through. So                clearly I need to reign in my ambitions and start with a good short story

6. Jump off the high dive

I’m Almost 30… and I’ve seriously never done this. I’m ok with climbing but the idea of jumping off as always scared me a little bit.

7. Swim as far across the lake as possible

I don’t have any high hopes of reaching the other side, since I don’t long distance swim, ever. But I would like to see how far and how long I could swim for.

8. Road trip by myself

I do love a good road trip, but most of the time I’m not the driver and I am burdened by schedules and other peoples agendas. I never get to just stop where I want to stop.. so I want to go somewhere good, by myself, and stop at all the stupid road side attractions that I want

9. Learn how to take pictures that I am proud of.

This is one of the motivations behind starting the blog. I have a really nice camera that seldom comes out of its bag. And I never really learnt how to use it. Which is such a waste. So I will learn and my blog will be more beautiful for it

10. Paint more

I love painting! Its peaceful and creative and the colors and then you have something beautiful to hang on your wall. But I honestly can’t remember the last time I painted something. Maybe ill take a class…

11. Make photo albums

Two years ago when we moved up to the resort, I used my mac and made an awesome photo album of our summer. Its an excellent way to produce a hard copy, and much lighter then my 15 photo albums I’ve been moving around for years. I think it’s about time I print some more

12. Finish hand sewn quilt

Last year I started a really ambitious project. I started a quilt that I intended to completely hand sew… Crazy I know! But I started and now I want to finish it.

13. Make jam

Every year I say that I’m going to can things and make jam. This year I’m going to

14. Leave the country

Travelling is my biggest dream. I want to see the world. This year wont be the year, but I will try to at least leave the country, at least once

15. Visit a province I haven’t been to

I live in beautiful British Columbia, I came from Alberta and my husband is from Saskatchewan and my mom is from P.E.I, but I’ve missed a lot of the stuff in between. So hopefully, I can see something beyond

16. Master hand lettering

A new hobby that I’ve taken up in the past year is hand/brush lettering. And I really cant wait to master the talente

17. Complete a 30 day challenge

I have never had the commitment needed to to finish a 30 day challenge. I don’t care what type I do, but I want to see it through

18. Take a pottery class

Pottery is a beautiful, honest and peaceful art, and I would love to learn the keys.

19. Create a style I’m proud of

My closet doesn’t suite the person I am. The clothes are cheap and mismatched and whenever I try to dress up for anything I end up in a deep funk. A girl needs to be able to express who she is for the world to see!

20. See the ocean

More specifically I would like to travel to Vancouver Island. For some reason I’ve never been, but it sounds amazing.

21. Ski/snowboard (at least once)

My husband is an extreme sport enthusiast, particularly when it comes to throwing himself down mountains on bikes and boards. Going fast and thrill seeking have never really been my thing, but we’ve talked lately about possibly trying to learn to ski together. We might not be able to afford full passes, but I’d like to go at least once.

22. Learn to crochet (make a hat)

Because I need more crafty skills…yarn hates me, so I will beat it.

23. Sew an article of clothing

Wouldn’t that help my “create a style” endeavor

24. Make a successful blog

Working on it!

25. Create a solid business plan

I just finished getting my Therapist Assistant diploma, and with that I would like to specialize in recreation. I want to help improve quality of life for those who are ageing or ill, and help them stay healthy through physical activity. I want to start my own business doing this… an adventure in its self.

26. Get a job I like

I found a new job that I think I am going to like very much! I will be working for our local Health Authority at their Adult Day Program. I will be working with seniors at different facilities in the area, providing them with fun and entertainment during the day. This gives care givers a bit of a break and it gives our clients something fun and stimulating to do during the day 


27. Get a new tattoo

I have three… I want more

28. Take a cooking class

I love to cook and to learn some new skills would be fantastic

29. Get a dog

Cause why don’t I have a dog yet!?

30. Volunteer 

I want to use this challenge as a reason to do something good for others. I have volunteered a couple times throughout my life but never anywhere consistantly. I would like to find somewhere that I could give my time and maybe gain some experience! 

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  1. Great list! I just turned thirty and I totally identify with lots of the things on your list-especially the pottery class! I have now taken four and they are SO fun! You should totally do it. It’s super difficult at first, but once you start getting it, it is super fun!

    1. Hey! thanks! Im super excited to try it out!

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