31 Everyday Adventures – Week Two

Hey Fellow Adventures! 

You may have noticed that I have been participating in a wonderful challenge created by Shelly Najjar from TheGoalList.com

This week has really not been the easiest for me, with the basement reno’s still going on (I have pretty floors now) and trying to adjust to living back in the city. Having this everyday challenge on the back of my mind has given me something fun to think about everyday! 

This Week’s Challenges

Day 8: Compliment someone you don’t know. 

As a blogger I am part of many support groups that offer creative and technical assistance as well as several promotional groups. The best part of blogging is all the fantastic interactions with other like-minded people all around the world. I took today’s challenge as a good reason to spread some love throughout these groups, and it felt great! 

My favourite groups 

Creative SuperHeroes 

Blogging Boost

Blog + Biz BFF’s

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Blog Engagement/Promotion Mastermind Group

Day 9: Record something ordinary in a way that you don’t normally. 

This challenge was difficult because I record everything in several different ways! Between the hundreds of photos filling the storage on my phone and my journal, I have it covered. This blog I suppose is my way that I don’t normally record the ordinary things, and my dedicated social media is turning into a whole new way to record the ordinary! 

Getting dressed up for a a night out at the pub to support on of my favourite programs for people with disabilities - Cool Arts Society
Getting dressed up for a night out at the pub to support on of my favourite programs for people with disabilities – Cool Arts Society

Day 10: Write your favourite quote on a sticky note and leave it somewhere to find

I have always been in love with books and the idea that one could live through so many adventures…if she just picks up a book. This is being tucked in with a pile of books that I am about to donate 🙂 If your interested in the world that I have been living in, check out Octobers Book Review.


Day 11: Introduce yourself to a neighbour you don’t know

Since we have just moved into a new neighbourhood this is an ideal challenge, however people are skittish and tend to run when you make eye contact.. I haven’t had the chance to actually introduce myself yet… but I’ve been throwing out friendly smiles and awkward waves! I do my best

Day 12: Go on a Scavenger Hunt

So the thing about scavenger hunts is that you need someone to do them with…otherwise they are a lot less fun, and since my husband is busy with the renovations… and my 6-year-old niece is to cool for me and has her own friends she would rather play with.. I was left alone, so I did not complete this challenge 🙁 

Day 13: Contact your favourite celebrity and ask whats on their bucket list

I’ll let you know if she answers…


Day 14: Take a Selfie with a stranger 

I am really not one for talking to strangers so this will be really out of my comfort zone. Since I am preparing this post before Day 14 follow me on Instagram to see if I managed to find a willing victim! #lifessimplechallenges 


Oh and I have a bonus shot for you! I tried to catch that perfect sunrise last week but sleep won out and it was to cloudy to get a good shot anyways, but then this week I woke up randomly around 7 am and got this beauty of a shot in my back yard! 


Well this week has been quite the adventure! Please check out my friends at the goallist.com  to get these challenges in your mailbox and follow us on Facebook to see our progress!

We’ve also partnered up with a couple other fantastic, Please check out their first week of Everyday Adventures: 


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