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Steps Towards Minimalism When Moving

This latest move will be our 6th move and I actually love the process… I know that sounds crazy but hear me out.  Every time we move we take the opportunity to purge ourselves of all the things we do not need. Somehow we still end up having more than we want but we’re working on that. 

In these 7 years of moving nearly every year I have worked out a bit of a system for clearing out clutter as you pack up your stuff. Why fill your new home with things you don’t need? Getting rid of extra stuff will reduce your stress, make your move easier, and give you a chance to re-vamp your style in your new home. So If you’re moving soon follow these steps to make it your most minimal move ever! 


Start with the big stuff 

When we move out of our parents house as 20 somethings and into our own single bedroom apartments, we tend to acquire a lot of hand me down furniture. It’s usually not pretty, and probably doesn’t go with the style that you are developing as you grow. When you start to near on 30 you start to crave your own nice, grown up furniture. This isn’t usually cheap but it’s worth it for that feel that you get when your home truly represents you! 

Furniture is going to be the hardest to get rid of and I definitely recommend that you start by trying to sell it off. Whether you use your home town online classifieds, Kijiji.com or Craigslist.com, get it up there fast and set yourself a fair price. Make sure you take good pictures of your furniture because we all know that everyone just scrolls through looking for the best images. Make them bright & focused and show all that it comes with (Table & chairs, couch & love seat) 

Asses your style 

Have you created a style for yourself already? Are your rooms decorated exactly how you want them to be in the new home? If yes, then your set and you can skip over this section all together. 

If no, you need to do a bit of a style audit. Look at each room and ask yourself:

What type of style to I have in here? (Boho, modern, eclectic, rustic) & what style do I want to create in the new house? 

What is my current colour pallet? Do I like it or do I want to change it? 

What pieces do I love? (Paintings, plants, nick knacks) 

What things do I dislike or is damaged?

When you take the chance to think about what you have and what you want you can make easier decisions about each item you own. Does it go with your style, then keep it, and if it doesn’t, say goodbye! 

First things first though, get rid of those things that you hate and are damaged. If you’ve held onto them because you think that you will fix them or remodel them, be realistic about whether you actually will. Don’t carry around projects with you, if you haven’t done it yet, do you really want to do it?  


Start getting rid of stuff 

Theres many different ways to unload unwanted stuff. Please do this responsibly and consider the environment! Do not take it to the dump unless you’ve tried every other option! Some easy options include: 

  1. Have a garage sale 
  2. Home town Classifieds  
  3. Facebook shop and swap 
  4. Local Freecycle groups 
  5. Give to thrift stores 
  6. Donate to homeless/women’s shelter 

Resist the urge to store it

Out of sight, out of mind is a nice easy quick fix but will only cost you extra and create more stress. If you have items that you are thinking of storing away in some locker some where, ask yourself why you so badly want to keep them. Do you have a box of teddy bears that you’ve had since you were a kid or a shelf full of books that you might read one day, maybe 20 albums of pictures that you’ve printed over the years? It’s time to minimize. Pick out a favourite teddy, and find a kid who will give the rest of them a good home. Take the stack of books to the library or a used book store and get credit for new books. Start scanning the best photos and get them printed into a nice, tidy photo book. Get creative and avoid renting that storage locker. 

Clean out your closets 

Digging into the deep dark abyss that is our closets is a scary thought and usually one to be avoided at all costs, but since it all has to be boxed up anyways we might as well sort through it a bit. I don’t know about you but I tend to own 5 of each thing, and it’s very rarely necessary (unless its that perfect white t-shirt, you never regret having 5 of those). These are some of the things that I find that I can live with less of: 

  • Coffee to go mugs & water bottles 
  • Plastic food containers 
  • Sheets 
  • Blankets 
  • Towels (bathroom and kitchen) 
  • Notebooks and Binders 
  • Pens and Markers 
  • DVD’s and Video Games 
  • Cords that go to nothing 
  • Accessories (belts, halts, scarves) 


We need to be realistic about what we actually need. We often carry around extras of things incase we might need it one day, but we never do. Keep your favourites and let go of the rest 

I’m fortunate to be starting my new minimalist adventure at the same time that we are moving into a new home. It’s given me a chance to re-organize all my life’s possessions and I am being vicious when it comes to whether it will make the cut! Please stay tuned for more updates on our move and the remodeling of our basement suite! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to watch the progress as it happens. 

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