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The best part of winter is all the chances we have to curl up with our blankets and our books, am I right!? Oh and the cosy warm drinks! or in my case it’s the perfect time to completely redo a basement suite. This would have been an awful process if it weren’t for audio books.

Like every true book nerd, I love the smell of the pages and the feel of the book in my hands but like a normal person I am far to busy to read as many books as I really want to read! That’s where audio books come in! They are perfect when you have a long commute or go on long drives often or for running around and doing errands, and they are super perfect for painting an entire basement suite. I’ve been by myself for most of the process so I put my head phones in and I let someone else ready to me for a little while. If you haven’t tried audiobooks yet.. you really should, and you’re going to hear me say this more then once! 

Anyways, so like I said, I’ve been renovating, and this felt like a young adult/fantasy type task to me. I scrolled through the billions of book lists that I have saved on Pinterest and I downloaded the first one I found, and it was a great find!

A Great and Terribly Beauty of the Gemma Doyle Series

by Libba Bray


The story starts in Bombay, India, in a busy market place. The Heroin of the story, a 16 year old english bred Gemma Doyle is walking with her mother, arguing about when she will be allowed to join the high society of England. They fight and she runs off, until in the shadow of a dark alleyway she feels her head grow fuzzy and the world spins, and visions show her an unpleasant future. After a great loss she finally gets her wish, to be in London, but instead of being with her family she is being dropped off at a victorian finishing school, surrounded by well bred girls of all statuses who snub her until she black mails her way into the snobby little clique with Felicity, Pippa and Ann.

Gemma soon discovers that the first vision wasn’t a one time thing when she is lead by a child-spirit to a diary, written by a former student about a secret society of woman called the Order. From this she learns that there are secrets hidden within the walls of Spencer Academy, and that she is far more powerful then she once believed. She discovers that she has the power to take her and her new friends into a magical world called the Realms. A place where dreams come true, where young girls who are expected to be nothing but wives or governesses can learn to hunt, find true love, or be truly beautiful. She also learns that there is evil behind the magic, and that she is the connection between the two worlds and must work to keep the magic contained and rebuild the fallen Order..

I listened to the first book and was so completely sucked in that I quickly got my hands on the second! It’s a fantastic mix of Downton Abby class mixed with Mean girls wit, and really everything is better when a little magic is thrown in. The story goes deep and as the girls work to uncover the mystery you will be hanging on the edge of your seat. The characters are poised and sophisticated, but rebellious and edgy, with a secret pension for the wicked. Their friendship, built on secrets and lies grows strong in ways that you wouldn’t expect. I think that this is one YA book that is suitable for all ages, young and old will be sucked into this magical world! 

Leave me some suggestions in the comment box below if you know of any Young Adult books that you think adults should read as well! 

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