31 Days of every day adventure week one

Hello fellow adventurers! 

This month I’ve teamed up with few fellow bloggers in a 31 Days of Everyday Adventure Challenge, created to get us out of our comfort zones and celebrate the small moments of our lives. 

My Partners in crime: 

This whole adventure was masterminded by the beautiful and bold, Shelly Najjar from TheGoalList.com. She then recruited Suz McNulty of McVagabonds.com, Lara Krupika from LaraKrupicka.com and myself. 

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This weeks Adventures 

day 1: Write a gratitude list – start dreaming by being thankful for what you already have 


I am grateful for my amazing and supportive Husband, and

my caring and generous family, 

The opportunities that I have in life to better myself, through education and access to recreational facilities, 

My Home- Both the beautiful region that I live in and the roof over my head,

and last but not least, the blogging community, for their supportive nature and creative tendencies that inspire and motivate me to do more! 

day 3: Make a bucket list- even if it only has one thing on it

I decided to take this opportunity to make my Winter Bucket List! With each new season comes a host of new and exciting possibilities! I’ll be running this list until Jan. 1st 2017! 

Winter Bucket List

Day 5: Be a tourist in your own town 

Not only did I get to be a tourist in my own town and visit the beautiful Summer Hill Winery, here in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, but I got to totally nerd out over all the crafty fun that comes with winter! I can’t wait to have my craft room up and running so that I can get all crafty! 


Day 6: Read a book about someone doing something amazing 

What a great reason to read a book that has gotten very popular, but I have yet had the chance to pick up: 


The story of a girl that stood up for education, and was shot by the taliban. It promises to be a very inspiring read and I will be adding my review soon! 

I did not manage to get up for a sun rise (because I was up to late writing) , give a flower to a stranger or get feedback on something that I do well. My husband said that I do a lot of things really well but wouldn’t compliment me on demand… weird right? 

Remember this Challenge is meant to stimulate your mind, add some excitement into your life and get you out of your comfort zone. Join in the fun and don’t forget to check out my friends at TheGoalList.com , McVagabonds.comLaraKrupicka.com

Happy Adventures! 

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