November Goals

As I was saying in my last weeks Monthly Review, setting goals is not something that comes naturally to me. I am constantly trying new techniques and strategies to help me stick to my goals. So far the thing that has helped me most is writing them down here and turning them into projects for my blog!


This months going to be a pretty busy one! The Mr. and I are moving back down the mountain and into the city for the winter. We would love to stay here, but the rent gets pretty steep during the ski season. We are moving into a basement suite in a house owned by my parents, and below my brother and his 6 year old daughter. It’s going to be interesting situation to say the least. 

The fun part of it though is that I’ve gotten to try my hand at some home improvements. My parents have been doing a bit of construction on the suite, and I have taken on the very daunting task of painting the entire place. It’s been a lot of hard work but I think that the outcome is going to be amazing. 

Goal #1 – Build a Beautiful Home 

i hope to finish Painting our new home (soon) and decorate it in more minimalist styleI went for clean, crisp white walls in the kitchen and living room with some dark and cozy colours in the bedroom and bathroom. 

On top of having the chance to completely redecorate our new suite I get my craft room back! It’s amazing that I managed my DIY wedding with the limited space that we have had at our mountain home. It will be good to have a craft room that doesn’t double as a dinning room any more. As soon as it’s set up my blog will be filled with so many crafty & creative things! 

painting the walls white!
painting the walls white!

Goal #2 – Focus on my career 

Novembers most important goal is to focus on my career! Last year I got my diploma as a Therapist Assistant. I’m sure most of you have never heard of it as a profession but I promise you we are everywhere. We are the ones who come to you in the hospital and encourage you get get up and move around after injury or surgery. We are the ones getting you hot/cold packs at the rehab center. We might even be visiting you at your home to help you with your physical therapy. We are very useful people to have around! 


Helping other enjoy life
Helping other enjoy life

There are three categories of therapy that we can work in. Physical, Occupational and Recreation. The latter is where my heart lies. Recreation Therapy is about improving quality of life and and encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy themselves, and this suits me perfectly! It is unfortunately also the one discipline that is often over looked, and there are not always a lot of jobs out there for us. I have a plan though to build my own business, working privately with seniors and people with disabilities, supporting them to join in on the recreational activities that they love.  

So this month, my goal is to find a job that will give me experience working with people and to start building my business plan

As part of my business plan I am working towards gaining certifications as a personal trainer. I start my weight training course on November 1st! 

Goal #3 – Build Healthy Habits 

This goal is a rather broad and all encompassing one. As the weather on the mountain grew cold, and there were a serious lack of activities going on after the resort closed I have been spending all together to much time on the couch. Good for the blog, bad for the body. So my third goal is to focus on my Health. I have been working on building my yoga practice with a little challenge to myself & I would like to start going back to the gym, eating better and generally focusing on building healthy habits. 


Goal #4 – Blog Goals 

Blogging in itself has been an adventure and I have been having a lot of fun, learning new technologies, meeting new friends and collaborating with other bloggers. I am so happy to have found a hobby that I love, that gives me a chance to work on my writing, and that encourages me to embrace all the simple adventures in life. I want to grow a community of adventurers through my blog and see how far I may be able to reach. 

My Blog Goals this month is to build up my email list and start a “newsletter”. Please join my mailing list. I will be sending out newsletters starting this month, sharing personal stories, tips and information gathered in the process of changing my lifestyle to be one of adventure, happiness and peace.

mailing list

Follow my adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and help me build a community of like minded people seeking simple adventures in their everyday lives. 

It’s important to set goals and to focus on steering your life in the directions that you want it to go. Don’t just sit there and passively let time trickle away! 

Happy Adventuring! 


I love using my Bullet Journal to plan out all the aspects of my life! It’s a fun and creative way to stay motivated and organized. That being said it’s time consuming.  SIGN UP below and you will get access to my full library to Printable Layouts. New pages added all the time! 


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