My DIY Wedding – Part One

The Ceremony 

This past august, the Mr. and I got married! Our wedding was held at SilverStar Mountain resort (our summer home away from home). It was amazing, and as far as wedding days go I don’t think I could have asked for a better day.

My love proposed to me on our 6-year anniversary, on top of a mountain (which was pretty much my dream proposal.)

mountain proposal

As soon as we got home I was on Pinterest and planning. I needed ultimate organization so I created a separate Pinterest account, which I think I would suggest for every bride. I made separate boards for all the main categories and got started filling them up with beautiful inspiration. If you want to see the pins that inspired this magical day, check out my boards here.

My plan was to create a Books and Bikes themed wedding. How a nerdy girl like me ended up with an adventure seeker like him, I have no idea, but it works!

Most of the items used were actually destined for the trash heap had we not saved them. The bike pieces were collected from friends and a local bike shop and the books were all found at the home of the most wonderful woman. She collects these books from the local recycling depot were they were going to be shredded! The Horror Right!!!! She collects them, sorts them and gives them away for free! She has a little library built into her garage! So amazing! Check out her story here 


Wedding Day Advice

Apart from starting yourself a wedding only Pinterest account I think that the second piece of valuable advice that I would like to give any bride is have a day of planner! I had the time (barely) to create all these beautiful things in the months leading up to the big day, but I wanted to have zero responsibilities the day of.

I found an amazing day of planner, who runs a little company that had just started up. She was an angel on earth! She answered questions about everything leading up to the wedding and she went shopping and did crafts with me, which is not something that I think most day-of planners will do for you, but this girl was incredible.

The day before the wedding she did all the decorating, leaving me time to see all the friends and family that had travelled a long ways to be with us. Then on the day of I entered the ballroom seeing all my hard work come together for the first time. It was a beautiful surprise and I appreciated getting to view it in its completion like that, rather than having spent the night before or the morning of setting up.

Check out Shabby Chic Wedding & Events Here 

My DIY Wedding


I started in on the DIY projects right away. I wanted everything about our wedding to be personal, with lots of handmade touches everywhere! Everything from invites to center piece was hand-made. Thankfully I had help from some amazing woman and I want to publicly thank them here, because without them this wouldn’t have been possible.

So… Thank you to:
My Mother Diane, for help with flowers, invitations and making me the most beautiful wedding cake ever!


Apparently we have an affinity for flower making…

My maid of honour Gabriela, for helping with invitations, flowers and putting together our lovely selfie booth


My Sister in Law, Anna, for helping with the flowers and putting together our Bucket List Guest Book


My Bridesmaid Holly, for helping with many flowers and creating the most adorable kids packages


My friend Lisa, for helping make flowers and creating our beautiful “Program” & “No cell Phones” signs

My cousin Carly for helping with flowers and for being an amazing hairstylist.


And finally my wedding planner, Chelsey for making flowers, coming shopping with me and assembling the whole mess into something beautiful


Getting down to business

First step was to create a guest list and send out invites. The Mr. and I had always dreamed of a small intimate wedding, until we wrote up the guest list and realized that we both had more family and friends then we thought we did. So a big party it was going to be!


I had instant regrets on my hand-made plans…but in hindsight I am so happy that I did all this extra work. Not only did it save us a bit of cash but also I got so many compliments on everything later on, and that felt really good.

I think that the 75 invites that we sent out probably took 3-4 hours of work just to assemble…


I used My Cricut Air to cut out these adorable little bicycles. Without this amazing little machine, which was a gift from My Aunt and Uncle, this whole wedding would have been a lot more work!

PS. So funny story, we used a random book that we picked up figuring that you wouldn’t read much of what was on there anyways. We had grabbed a romance novel and half way through assembling the invitation we started looking at the words and realized that there were some pretty graphic bits in there, describing their… ahem…romance. We totally sent them out anyways, but we made sure our
parents didn’t get those!


Look how cute these are! 

Ceremony Gazebos Bouquets

Once the invites were out I started on the next most daunting task… the paper flowers. I had this idea that I wanted to use paper flowers for all the decorations. Real flowers are expensive and don’t last. Again if it weren’t for my Cricut none of this would happen.


I started by making two of these bouquets to go up on the sides of the gazebos where we would be married. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of them actually up.


They were a lot of fun to create and I quickly went on to tackle the rest of the flowers


Flower girl Basket

This was probably the most simple of all my projects, the flower girls basket was another Michael’s purchase, adorned with little purple Paper flowers


My niece was so happy to be carrying it around and she took her job very seriously!

Ring Bearer Box

This and my card box were created as keepsakes. To be used to hold precious items in the future, so I put a lot of work into this!


Get it… It’s a little storybook! Our ring bearer (Jon’s nephew) looked pretty adorable walking down the aisle with this one.



The Bouquets

I thought about making bouquets that my ladies and I would be carrying since I was quickly becoming a bit of an expert at making paper flowers and I had made the beautiful bouquets for the gazebos, but I felt like these were to special to not be real. My dreams had almost been dashed when I found out the cost of real bouquets, until I met a wonderfully talented, and freshly graduated student in the floral arts (I’m not actually sure what the proper name of their degree is).


She was offering to make wedding bouquets at half the cost in order to build her portfolio. I Love helping students take their first steps and get their name out there so I jumped on this opportunity and I couldn’t have been happier! Her bouquets were magnificent.

Oh but of course I couldn’t keep my little crafty hands out completely. I had her add a little touch of me in there.


I made a few book page roses to be added into the bouquets and I think the outcome was stunning

Girls Gifts

As a thank you to my lovely ladies I made them some personalized Gift Bags. These were a lot of fun to put together!

I tried to include things that they could use they day of the wedding, like shirts for getting ready.


My Bridesmaid, Sister-in-Law, the Bride (me) & Maid of honour

Some water bottles to stay Hydrated


& Hangers to hold the dresses.


I also included some Lush products so they could pamper themselves, and some sunglasses. I wrote some nice individualized notes, thanking them for being there for me and there were lots of hugs and tears and they were totally worth it.

The ceremony was amazing, I was so nervous but it breezed by! To see all our friends and family there celebrating our love, was so heartwarming, and our parents in the front row, both couples a shining example of love. I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better.

After the ceremony the wedding party and myself went up the chairlift to the top of the mountain to take our group shots, this was by far my favourite part of the day. The ride up and down were the only times all day that my new husband and I got to be alone together and I treasured every minute of it.


Since there were so many projects that I wanted to share with you I broke up this post into two parts. Look for the second half of My DIY wedding: The Reception here.

I plan to be sharing a lot more of my crafts and DIY projects in the very near future. To get a behind the scenes look at these projects, bonus resources and other fun stuff please sign up below to receive my new newsletter!




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