Go with the flow: Yoga week three

Week Three: Going with the Flow

As some of you may know I started a 30 day yoga challenge 3 weeks ago. If you’re just tuning in now, please check out Week One & Week 2 for some tips on getting started and how to get through a tough week.

I am now onto week 3 and I have counted 15 days of practice. I feel proud of this past week, as it hasn’t been an easy one, but I not only managed to maintain my practice, but yoga actually helped me get through it a little. I am feeling more inspired to build healthy habits into my daily life and enriched for all that the process has taught me.

 This week I learnt what it is to truly go with the flow. A yoga practice doesn’t necessarily have to be a straight and rigid process, for it’s designed to teach you to be flexible.


Breathe Deep and Carry On

This is my Mantra. This is what I have to tell myself when things don’t go according to plan. Always set goals realistically and understand that they are flexible. That changing your plan is part of growing and developing a style of your own, that you might not have an hour a day and that you have to work with your situation.


Use it when you really need it

 I think that one of the biggest mistakes that can be made when you are starting a healthy habit is that you only do it when you feel good, it’s hard to pick yourself up out of that chair and get to your mat, and I get that. You’re feeling tired and lazy and unmotivated to cook dinner…story of my life. When you feel this way try to remember that a couple of sun salutations to refocus the mind and recharge the body does wonders! Trust me! Do it even when you don’t really want to.


Carry your mat with you

I can’t do yoga without my mat…if there’s carpet, maybe, but it’s just not the same, you know? This week I haven’t been staying at home which usually really throws off my flow. But this time I brought my mat with me! I have only just enough space in my bedroom to lay it out. It’s not big or awkward to carry around so why not have it with you. It’s a good thing to consider with the holidays fast approaching!


I am loving the process of building this new habit, and I hope that my tips are helping some of you do the same.

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