Minimalism Project

At the beginning of this month I set two goals. One was to increase my energy, and I’ve come up with a few tips that I posted last week on ways to stay going all day long. I have found the best strategy to be always stay busy. The more you move, the more you wind your internal clock – it keeps you ticking.  

My second goal was minimalism, but I’ve realized that this is no one month goal. To cleanse your Mind and Home of all the clutter takes time and Im afraid, some hard work. 

This was the perfect month to start this since we are moving AGAIN in two weeks. The Mr. and I have moved into 4 different homes since we moved in together 6 years ago. I actually love moving. It’s always a bit stressful the day of but the anticipation and purge leading up to it, followed by the chance to set up a new home is pretty exciting. 

Packing and moving again

Getting rid of things has to be one of my favourite past times, and yet somehow I still have so much stuff! I recently did a full sweep of my closet and found that I had something like 14 summer dresses, and I wore maybe one all summer long. I donated a small garbage bag full of clothes and sorted out my summer box. Now my closet is limited to the things I love and wear. I’ve been doing this all through my house and finding so many little things that I rarely think of organizing. Next on my list is the kitchen cupboards and our Tupperware collection…

When wanting to live a more simple life though its not enough to cut pack on physical items. We also need to start cleansing our minds of all the clutter held in there. Negative emotions and self conscious worries need to go first. If your worried or stressed you can’t think straight and you can’t be happy! You have to find a way to let it go, to make peace with it and it can no longer waste space in your mind. 


Next cut back that intimidating to do list – get some of the small nagging things off the list so that you can focus on whats really important. we let things that should be done, but don’t have deadlines be pushed back and back on our to do list until those items make up the bulk of it. When you notice this happening set aside a day to get it all done. You will feel elated. 

Last step is to find your focus. This is the step and I’m heading into now. Life’s Simple Adventures is about finding happiness, peace and of course adventure! The site will always be changing and growing with me. I have added and taken away pages lately, and changed their format and order a couple times. I am settling into what I feel my focus is and it is relaxing. 


Over the Next several months I will writing a series of posts on my journey towards simplifying my life. I hope to clear my mind and home of all the clutter that has been weighing me down. 

If you would like to follow along with the Minimalist Project, get Bonus Material, Journalling Prompts and Print-Outs please sign up for my newsletter that will be coming out at the beginning of next month. I am very excited about this and I really look forward to creating a community of happy adventurers with you all.



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