30 day yoga challenge week 2

Week Two: How to Get Past the Second Week Hump

This is the second week of my 30 day challenge. to catch up on what been happening check out week one. 

Yoga this week has been hard. In all honesty I haven’t been very good at it. I’ve woken up late (after not sticking to my bed time – I blame the internet) and I just haven’t had the motivation, and now with a re-occurring wrist injury popping up, it just hasn’t been flowing for me.

 I think that the second week of any new habit is the hardest. You get over the initial excitement of the new and shiny adventure and you remember that you’re actually tired and lazy. Which is why we need to challenge ourselves, and why maybe we need a little help.

These are a couple of tips to get over that 2nd week hump:

Know yourself and know your weaknesses

 Admitting to your weaknesses is a great first step. My weakness is that I am really easily distracted, like I have a 2 second attention span…


Sorry, no I’m back! Even when I wake up with an intention to do yoga first thing in the morning, I still manage to find other things to distract me. So in noting my own faults I can plan against them!



Prep the night before

I remembered to save a couple of videos so I could easily find them… on Pinterest… which is by far the most distracting thing ever. I also always forget to pull out pants, and yoga in my underwear gets cold, although I think I look pretty good! When you properly prep for the next day your morning can run smoothly, and you have less reason to procrastinate.



Create a ritual

I’ve told you before that I don’t really have a daily routine, and that’s ok with me. However to make a habit of doing something it has to become a bit of a ritual. Light some candles, spread some salt… wait no, wrong ritual!

Make it something that you do consistently and make sure you enjoy it!



Make yourself accountable to someone else

I kind of made myself accountable to the Internet. I know that I don’t have a great many followers yet but I do have a few, and this week I am admitting that I did not do well. It doesn’t feel good to say this and I really want to make next weeks post all about how amazing I am. Tell someone else about your goal, someone who will push you to it and keep you on track



Re-evaluate your goal

If you planned to make something a once a day habit but you just can’t keep up, then that might not be the right goal for you. I think for me following the videos every day, makes me want to avoid it. Sometimes I just want to do my own thing! So since this is my personal goal and I can go whatever I want, that is what I will do!



I have re-evaluated and re-committed and I’m ready to go into the third week. I think that I know better now what I need to do to make this challenge possible for me, and I am excited.

By admitting my faults I am hoping to help guide you. A lot of people like to show the ways they succeed and how perfect their lives are. I feel that we need a little more transparency online. I didn’t set myself a goal and then BAM meet it all at once, I’ve had to think hard, spend time planning and do a lot of self-reflection.

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  1. This article has come at the right time. Thanks for sharing 😀

  2. I haven’t tried a 30 day challenge – yet. It seems hard so it will be good to have some ideas on how to get through it.

    1. This is one of the firsts that I have tried. I think the key is to stay focused on it but don’t take it all to seriously.

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