10 ways to have more energy

10 ways to have more energy

In my Hello October post I told myself that I would not hibernate and with the first snowfall, I pulled up the blankets and curled up with my laptop and Netflix. I tried to tell myself that I needed to relax, and that I was just doing what my husband wanted to do… but it looks like both of us need a kick in the butt!

So after still having a hard time getting motivated today, I made this list of 10 things to do when feeling unmotivated. And I am going to try to get better at all of them 

 1. Sleep more

This always sounds easier than it is. Even when we tell ourselves that we are going to go to bed at a decent time, most often the night gets away with me and we watch one more episode. The best plan of action is to figure out what time you want to be asleep by and plan to turn everything off an hour before that. In that hour before bed go through your night-time routine – pull out what you need first thing in the morning, clean your face, do whatever you do to relax (yoga, meditate, read), lay down in bed. If you’re not the clock watching type, set yourself a bed time alarm 


 2. Wake up better

Since you were super smart and prepped everything that you need for the morning, you should have a bit of free time on your hands. Don’t get sucked into the urge to use that time to sleep more, instead get up and get moving. Everyone does something different with his or her extra time. I like to do yoga; my husband likes to use the time to catch up on the news. If you are a writer this is a good time to get some thoughts down on paper, or if you are looking at a particularly busy day, use this time to pull out your planner and figure out your day.


 3. Exercise & Stretch

I know it sounds backwards but getting up and moving around will actually give you more energy. I’ve always believed in getting up and working out or doing yoga first thing in the morning, and reaping the benefits all day long. Make sure that if you are going to go to the gym you drink lots of water and eat right!


 4. Food

I think the key to eating right is not only what you eat but how much. If you keep your meals light, your food won’t hold you back while it digests. Try to focus on small, healthy meals throughout the day like fruit smoothies and salads, and try to keep your dinners light and eat mindfully. Avoiding distractions while you eat will help you realize sooner that you are getting full and you avoid that heavy post turkey dinner sleepiness.


5. Less Tech Time

You know who shouldn’t be preaching less tech time – bloggers. You know who most often tells you that you need to put down your phone and computer – people who make their livings off of writing articles on the internet. Messed up, right? So in the interest of not being a total hypocrite I will tell you that I try to focus on when I have tech time vs. the amount. By trying to limit the time that I spend on the computer to morning and evening, I leave the middle of my day free to be as productive as possible.


 6. Sunshine and water

Plants have known the secret to making energy since the beginning of time, so I’m going to say we should follow suite. This is a great way to recharge in the middle of the day, when you feel your eyes drooping and your head about to hit your desk. Grab your water bottle and go outside. The Sun, fresh air and rehydration will wake you up, and give you the boost you need. Trust me this is a lot better than crawling under your desk for a nap. 


7. Check something off your to do list

The =process might not be that fun but crossing something off the to do list will make you feel capable of anything. It will give you a brighter outlook on tomorrow… and you will have one less thing on your to do list! Doesn’t it feel great!


8. Laugh

Laughing is energizing and it reduces stress.  Find what makes you laugh and hold onto that!

 9. Stay focused on being energetic

Ever heard the term fake it till you make it? Well it can work with this to. Tell yourself that you don’t want to sit on the couch and binge watch friends for the 3rd (ok 4th) time, and stay moving. By being energetic we feel energized.

 10. Realize when it’s time to stop

Most of the time we could stand to spend a little less time on the couch, but sometimes we need to know when to just sit down. After we have tried all of our energy boosting tricks and that third cup of coffee just isn’t having an impact anymore, we need to listen to our bodies and take a break. Breath in, breath out… relax…


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  1. Love your take on this, especially no. 10.

    1. Thanks! Im pretty proud of this one!

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  3. Love this! Number 8 and 10 are my favorites!

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it

  4. Sunshine and water are key! It’s so difficult at times in this technology-heavy, work-indoors society. Even if that means leaving work for a 30 min. lunch break walk outdoors, we can all make better life choices 🙂 Thanks for this roundup!

    xo Kathryn

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Kathryn! Making those little moves are so important!

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