30 days of yoga

Week One: 30 Days of Yoga

Last week I started a 30-day yoga challenge with myself. This personal challenge is really about exploring the process of starting a regular practice. I have only just started to skim the surface of the World Wide Web and I must say, it is an abundance of knowledge. Yoga is as unique as every student and can always be adapted to your style and abilities. The focus can change day to day and it does not have to remain static, just constant.

 One week in and here is what I’ve learnt.

I have found my weak point

For a long time now I have had a lot of problems with my hips. After seeing a couple of specialist and none of them really having a definitive answer, what I’ve figured out is that the muscles around my hips are slightly under developed, and therefor weak.

 Because of this I have always had to be careful with them and I often avoid really working them. When your hips and core are not strong enough to keep you stabilized it makes most other moves really difficult.

 I think that it is good to start a practice by narrowing down your focus. You will improve your skills and see results faster by concentrating on what is most important. In this next week I am going to focus on some videos that promote strength and focus on Hips.



 It’s best to do it in the morning

 I generally succeed at things if I focus on doing them in the morning. I should start getting up earlier because I need more morning in my day.

 My general routine this week has been to wake up, pull up Google and search for random morning yoga videos. I’ve enjoyed this process because I have been able to decide what type of practice I would like to focus on that morning.

The draw back to it was that I didn’t always feel motivated to challenge myself and I often went for the gentle, and shorter videos.

Like I said above I would like to have a focus for this week, so I will try and find videos ahead of time, when I’m feeling really ambitious.



Keeping track makes it more fun

 I like to keep a journal and a planner but I often rush through the writing process so as to not be “wasting time”. Every once in a while though I spend the time to make it look appealing and I really enjoy that. Upon some self-reflection I realized that I am often valuing productivity over creativity, and that is simply not how I want to live.

 It’s important to enjoy the process!

 Remember that setting a goal isn’t just about reaching the end. It’s about all the hard work, attention and creativity that is in between. Take time to enjoy the planning process, the execution and then celebrate the finish. Find joy in the act itself.




Don’t stress missing a day  

Today is thanksgiving up here in Canada! This year my family and I celebrated on Saturday to accommodate work and travel schedules. My husband and I went in Friday to watch some football with his friends and family. We had to leave the hill early to do some running around done before that, and my day ended up being very get up and go. Long story short my practice was missed for the day, but that’s OK.

It needs to be OK to not be perfect. Life is to unpredictable to honestly say you will do something everyday without fail! It would be unfair to expect that of you, and I think you should always be kind to yourself.  



Yoga tutorials

I’ll be honest, today I’m just not feeling my usual get up and go, and I let myself get easily distracted. Instead of quickly picking a video I let myself start exploring one of the websites, and I am glad that I did! I came across a great set of tutorials on how to properly do some of the poses and I learnt that I need to be doing more research! The first video was on how to properly do a back bend and I definitely have not been doing it right. I’m kicking myself because I should know better then to try something without properly knowing how. The problem with trying to be self taught and learning from the Internet, is I will never really know who’s right and credible.

Please comment below with suggestions of sites that I should be checking out. I’m looking for teachers who can really guide me in the proper way to move.

 Oh and thanks for following along! I hope that my attempt to form healthy habit and live a more flexible life will inspire you to try something new!

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  1. I admire that you’ve started this yoga challenge! I’ve taken a couple of classes but have never stuck with it, despite that it helped my anxiety so much. Maybe I’ll have to start something like this one day!

  2. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

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