Pumpkins & Paper Flowers: Center Piece DIY

It’s  a beautiful day on top of my mountain, up in the clouds. The air is chilly but the coffee’s hot! This is perfect crafting weather. Oh and they added the parent trap on Netflix so I’m pretty excited about this. I love watching corny movies while I craft! 


I decided this year that I’m not going to make all my christmas gifts, and I am going to dedicate all my crafting energy to decorations for the house! Every year I always have a list of things that I would like to make for myself and I never get around to it.

Thanksgiving’s coming up this weekend and the family is all getting together for a big turkey dinner! This is by far one of my favorite holiday’s. My mom is the most amazing cook and the food is to die for, but more importantly it’s a great excuse for everyone to get together. Since my husband and I moved out of town for the summer we haven’t seen them all much. 

So with the holiday around the corner and all the free time I decided to make a center piece for my families table! 


This year I made over 200 paper flower for the center pieces at my wedding. You would think I would be sick of the whole process but I actually think i found something that I really like. 

…And before you totally loose your mind thinking that I am the most patient and dedicated person ever to be cutting out all those little petals… I had a little help. 


This is Jimminy – the Cricut. I know I’m super clever! Without this thing my dream of paper flowers for my wedding would have been completely lost. This beautiful little machine cut over 200 paper flowers and leaves as well as 75 little bicycles over the course of a couple weeks and it’s still going strong, on it’s first blade I might add. 


Paper flowers are so satisfying to make because they start in small pieces that don’t look like much at all, and transform into something really pretty. 



So after I made a whole bunch of those I set out to hollow my little while Ghost pumpkin that I bought on my trip to Davison Orchards 


and the whole thing wouldn’t look right without a bit of foliage.. so I went out into the rain to bring a little bit of life into my little Thanksgiving master piece. 


I stuffed the inside of the pumpkin with craft moss that I had left over from the wedding and the stems of the flowers are hard wire, so I stuck those right into the pumpkin itself to get them to stay in place. The final product was more then I could have hoped for! 





Taking time to be creative is always a bit of an adventure. It engages and challenges the mind and brings out all those happy hormones. It’s definitely my favourite way to spend a night in! 


Happy Thanksgiving all!!!!

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  1. What a beautiful arrangement! Jealous of your skills!

    1. Thanks!!

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