30 Days of Yoga Challenge

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As part of my 30 before 30 list, I want to start and keep up a proper yoga habit. I eventually would love to take a teachers course in yoga, to be able to help others enjoy the practice, so to reach this goal would have implications not only on my happiness and health, but also for my future career.  

I created a beautiful calendar to track my progress over the next 30 days. Hopefully since the layout itself took me so much effort to make, hopefully I’ll be more inclined to use it! 



I’m not good at doing the same thing everyday, so I am also going to take this opportunity to compile a fabulous list of yoga videos that can be found online and free, so stay tuned for that! Check back in the next couple weeks, I will be posting updates of my progress and sharing with you the wisdom that comes only from trying. 




Please join me in 30 days of something new! What habit have you been wanting to pick up? Or maybe a skill you’ve wanted to master? Make yourself a pretty calendar and track your progress! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see more! Leave comments below if you have any tips for me as I work my way through this month! 


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