Hello October

New Month! New Season! New Goals!

 I’ve spent all weekend thinking of what I want my focus for this October to be and I think after all that I would like it to be a focus on Energy and Minimalism.

 As the days get shorter and the weather outside gets colder I can already feel myself going into hibernation mode. Fall and winter feels so long and dragging when you spend all your time hiding from the world.

 This year I want to make it a focus to avoid hibernation and to have more energy to do more things.

However, I have just spent probably a total of 5 hours trying to plan all the things that I want to do and focus on, and I have gotten quite overwhelmed. As I started to read over the very busy calendar that I wrote out for my self I had an epiphany. Instead of trying to half way do everything; I should focus on starting and finishing a few things. Embrace Minimalism 

Daily Habits

In order to be successful in changing my lifestyle to include more daily adventures, I need to start focusing on using my time better. This last while I have noticed that the time I spend watching TV and browsing online has increased exponentially! So this months Focus is cutting back on Non Productive screen time.

I still have all the lists that I have been writing saved, so as long as I focus on productivity every day, I will eventually do the things I want to do, without all the stress of a very busy schedule.


30 before 30 list

If you’ve explored through my blog you have probably seen the list that I wrote of 30 things that I want to do before I’m 30. I really hope to manage this but I am quickly running out of time. My birthday is in April and I still have all 30 Items on my list. This month I have decided to set my self two in the forms of 30-day challenges.

  1. Start a yoga practice
  2. Get better at photography


 Fall Bucket list Challenge

my last focus this month is going to be the Fall Bucket list that I created for this blog. In order to create a sense of community, I intend to make these Bucket lists of mine a group thing. Download my PDF here and Follow me on Instagram (@simpleadventurer2016).  Document yourself completing the fall activities and use the Hashtag #Lifesimplechallenges to join in the fun! 


 I think that with the holiday season approaching, working to have more energy, and to live more simply will take a lot of the stress out of my life. I often let the season get the best of me and I spend most of my time stressing gifts and decorations, holiday events and baking. This year I would like to take a step back and from all of the stuff and instead appreciate the time spent. I think that this month will mark a step forward in my intentions to live a life of adventure.


Happy Fall Adventurers!!


The Adventure Planner

Printable Bullet Journal Layouts 

I love using my Bullet Journal to plan out all the aspects of my life! It’s a fun and creative way to stay motivated and organized. That being said it’s time consuming. If that’s all that’s holding you back from this amazing resource SIGN UP below and you will get access to my full library to Printable Layouts. New pages are being added all the time! 








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  1. So I’m an April baby too and have a countdown until 30 (granted I’m still 27, lol). Best of luck on your list ma’am!

  2. Happy October! These are great goals! I believe you can achieve them all! I am also trying to cut back on TV-time. I hate the quiet so tend to have Netflix on in the background while I multi-task. Not only is it a waste of electricity but I also have to go back and re-watch a lot of shows because I was not paying attention! Ha!

    1. Oh I do the same thing!!!

  3. I love the simplistic look of your blog. It flows nicely and feels good. Following!

    1. Thanks! It’s a work in progress but I’m happy with my start!

  4. I recently just started yoga and it truly makes you practice minimalism in a way I never thought it would! I really loved your goals for fall and your bucketlist! Great post!

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