A Day For Me

The resorts summer season has ended and our little mountain has grown awfully quiet. It’s been kinda lonely around here and I’ve got a bit of cabin fever. So after several days shut up in the house I planned a day in town, exploring, eating and being pampered. 

Doing things alone is becoming a normal thing for me. My husband works evenings and sleeps in late so Monday to Thursday I don’t get to see him much. I only have a small group of great friends, and recently my bestie moved away for school and when the few other are busy I’m left to my own devices. I’m starting to get a lot more comfortable with time alone and even starting to look forward to it. Being on my schedule, doing what I want to do and stopping to take selfies whenever I want with no judgment! 



So I got in the car, cranked my music and headed down the hill. The fall colours are amazing on the mountain! If I wasn’t driving I would have taken a lot more pictures, but I did have to pull over and get this one. 



First stop on my day trip was the cutest little orchard! Davison Orchard is a staple around here and the fall vibe was strong! I started snapping pictures right out of the car! 


The Pumpkin Archer


The Pumpkin King and I 


We live together in the Pumpkin castle… Yay Pumpkins! 

The Orchard had a wonderful fairytale theme! It was all so whimsical and well done! But once I’d visited the entire kingdom it was time to head inside!


They had gourds galore, pumpkins a plenty, and ample apples (haha alliteration). They had sauces, and jelly, salsas’ and dips. They bake fresh pies and had some of the best apple juice I’d ever tasted! I wanted to buy all the things! Instead I restrained and settled for the most amazing pumpkin maple cake I’ve ever had! 


Seriously the most delicious cake ever! 

Before I left I bought myself a ghost pumpkin and I have some fantastic plans for a project for it.. super excited about that! Just next door to the orchard was a little Honey Farm call Planet Bee and I Love Honey. I actually use it in my coffee instead of sugar! So much better for you! (this brilliant idea is thanks to my sister-in-law).


The best part was the sample wall where I tried all the Honeys, and then I went around the corner to find, what I like to call, The Bumble Bee Peep Show! 


Oh and they taught me some things! Did you know that they start working like right from birth, no happy childhood for them! They communicate by dance – two turns and a wiggle means check out that honey over there 😉 Oh and the queen lives for like 3 years, where the workers live for a couple of months. Who said hard work doesn’t kill. 

So as my pedicure appointment was getting closer I left the honey farm to head downtown… oh but first; a selfie 



On the way to the spa I did make one more quick stop… A wonderful little bookstore with a fabulous discount table! I love book stores! 


And from this I learnt that I should not be allowed to go into bookstores when I have appointments within the hour…. 

My pedicure was amazing! My toes are now pretty and green! Unfortunately feet are not an easy thing to photograph so I’m not going to include that picture… 


I think that if I were to describe my perfect day this would have been it. Plenty of time in the sun, with the fresh fall air, delicious food, books and pampering. 

I can’t stress this enough… taking time for you is essential to good health and happiness. Treat your self as well, if not better, then you treat the others in your life. YOU DESERVE IT! 


A beautiful ending to a perfect day


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