How to live without a routine

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Have you all noticed the bombardment of people insisting that life is simply not worth living without a routine lately? Between the obsession over planners, lists and the social understanding that success does not happen without routine, I have been a little torn.

Can I be successful if everyday is not the same, or planned out to the letter?

I think so!

Currently my life is routine-less, and has been since I finished school. This summer I’ve been working as a barista at a wonderful little resort, While planning a wedding. Now I’m married and I just finished my seasonal position. I am looking for another job as a Therapist Assistant, but there are really only casual positions. So for the foreseeable future, my every day will be very different from the last.

So I’ve been doing some research on ways that I can stay productive without maintaining a daily routine… and this is what I’ve found works for me.

Have a morning routine


Before the day gets away from you, get the most important things done. Drink water, go to the gym or take a walk. Do your yoga and ignore the world! Don’t let anyone get in the way of your morning! Sit and have your coffee and go ahead and read through all the social media you want. If you get it out-of-the-way first thing, it won’t take up the rest of your day.

Plan out your day

Planning out every day ahead of time might not work but at least you can plan out today. Pick the most important tasks, and don’t make the list to long. Be realistic about it, and don’t forget to take into account the regular daily things that you have to do, like make dinner… that one always takes me longer than I think it will. And when plans get cancelled or that friend calls you on a whim to have coffee, go! The joy of not having a routine is that everyday gets to be an adventure.

Keep a master to do list

Keeping daily lists doesn’t work for me, so I keep a master list. Last month I bought a moleskin planner that has a weekly calendar on one page and a blank note page on the next. The blank page allows me to keep a running to do list that changes every week. Last week I started breaking it down into a need to do, should do, and blog to do. This week I narrowed it down to just a need to do and blog list. I write down the posts I would like to write and the meals I would like to cook. (yes this weeks meals are still blank… I’m working on it) At the end of the week I go through my list and transfer everything that didn’t get done to the next week. Easy breezy. If life got away from me this week, doesn’t matter…


Get some erasable pens

Have you seen these! They’re brilliant! Oh you had all of Monday planned out and then it got canceled and now your pretty planners all messed up? Never fear! Erasable pens to the rescue! The best way to be ready to go with the flow…


Don’t forget to set goals

Daily routine might be suffocating but we still need to keep goals and work towards them. Lists are still a lot of fun and very useful. Just make sure that your checking back with them every once in a while.


The most important thing about living without a routine is STAY FOCUSED! Don’t let Netflix get the best of you. Keep track of your time and make sure that you are making the most of it. Let yourself be relaxed about your day-to-day life and don’t worry that you didn’t do your laundry on Tuesday and or make it to the grocery store on Wednesday. As long as these things get done, and no one goes hungry, you’re still winning at life. Don’t stress the little things! Let the idea of living without routine lead you to a life of simple adventures 😉

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  1. Routine can get pretty boring. I would rather live day to day but I still need to plan. And yes I do have goals but sometimes they get pushed back. a lot!

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