Why I recommend Resort Living

Have you ever wished that you could have a summer-house? A little place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you could really relax and have some fun? Think you’re to broke for this? Bet you’re not!

My husband and I have now spent two summers living at our local mountain resort, and we are by no means “rich”. It’s amazing! Quiet and out-of-the-way, and it’s not as expensive as you might think it is!

Our little resort is very popular in the winter, full of skiers and snowboarders, with several restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Rent for a small basement suite can be around 2000$ a month, if you can find a place that will rent to you for the season. However in the summer it’s a downhill bike resort and for some reason not as popular of a place to live. Little do most people know the rent is cheaper, sometimes more so then it is in town. The places are nice, usually fully furnished so you don’t have to move all your stuff and the best part; most of the places come with a hot tub!

My husband and I ended up here because he has a weird thing for riding down mountains on two wheels (I think he’s a little crazy) and he was going to be spending most of his time up here anyways. I’m here because I can walk out my front door, step off my patio and I am hiking down a mountain path. No long drive out of the city. And when I sit on my patio to watch the sunset, I’m looking over majestic mountains and listening to the sounds of nature.

Now I’m sure the experience will be a bit different wherever you go, but I’m sure whatever resort you end up at, it will be a lot of fun. Find a place that has a slow season and do some research. It’s like spending an entire season on vacation, even when you have to work. All your friends and family want to be where you are (so you should probably get a place with a guest bedroom) and there are often fun events to keep you entertained. Being out in nature will make you a happier person (science has proved this) and all the hiking and walking around mountain paths, oh and the fresh air, will help you stay fit all season.



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  1. Sounds amazing! What a good idea to find off seasons with great rates!

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