• motivation
  • Breaking Down Barriers

    When it comes to being happy, healthy and adventurous we can often feel like a lot of things  are standing in our way. Sometimes it feels like your being asked to climb a mountain when it’s really just a mole hill, but the stress is piled on and preventing you from taking that first step. […]

  • books
  • Book Club – Wild – From Lost to Found by Cheryl Strayed

    I know that I’m a little behind the times and we’ve all seen the movie by now, but I really hope you took the time to read the book because it was amazing!  This book, and her adventure is everything that I would love to do, but I just don’t think I could. The story […]

  • Journal
  • Looking back- First month bullet Journalling

    Every year come New Years (or sometimes just because something big in my life is changing), I buy a new journal. This year I decided to give Bullet Journalling a try, cause it seems to be all the rage. So I went off to the mall and bought myself a pretty turquoise leuchtturm1917 with the […]

  • Mental Health
  • Mental Health Myths You Really Need to Stop Believing (A Therapist Explains)

    From an expert – Guest Post by Laura Brassie She is a professional therapist and founding blogger of Ivory & Pine. She loves helping people maximize their potential, embrace their identity, and clarify their purpose. She knows so many wonderful and beautiful women who struggle with life’s deeper questions, who want to move in a direction […]

  • Health
  • How to Choose the Right Workout For You!

    The idea of working out is daunting, but it can be simplified. When I started going to the gym regularly I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew that I needed to make a change. Since then I have experimented with several different work out plans and I’ve gotten a lot more […]

  • Health
  • Why I Don’t Wear Makeup

    I don’t wear makeup everyday; it’s a special occasion thing only. I think that simply foregoing makeup has made my life better in so many ways and I think it would change the world if more women started skipping this small step in their morning routines. I don’t mean any offence to those who love […]

  • Goals
  • February Goals

    Hello February + Welcome!  And hello to all you wonderful people, and thank you for taking your time to come check out my little blog! Life’s Simple Adventures is 6 Months old and my how it’s grown! I’ll be honest, I’m actually pretty proud of myself for sticking with it! I have a horribly short attention […]

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation Through Mindful Actions

    I need to start by saying I am in no way a meditation expert. In fact, meditation through movement is something that I have found because I am no good at sitting still. My body is just restless and I find it to be so distracting. I tried many times to make meditation part of […]

  • Journal
  • Bullet Journal – Fitness Tracker

    Hey friends  Are you working to improve your fitness habits? Yah me to! One of the best ways to be sure that you are making progress is to set a goal and work towards it, tracking the gains that you make on the way.  I want to share with you my 3 new fitness trackers […]

  • Health
  • 25 Healthy Things to do When You’re Alone

    Hey Friends!  Hope your all settling into your January routine nicely! For me the transition means that everyone goes back to work and I am left by myself again. My Mr. works nights and I have few friends in the area, so my nights and days off are spent mostly alone! This used to really […]